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Posted: March 7, 2022

In celebration of this year’s Festival of Care, which promotes the achievements of care experienced people, our schools held an immersive and interactive art exhibition on Thursday 3th March aligned to this year’s theme ‘Tending the Light’.

Yesterday our sports hall was the backdrop for the illuminous arts exhibition, featuring a variety of art installations proudly created by over 60 young people from Forest View Primary, Goudie Academy and Mirin Academy. The exhibition was the amalgamation of a month of preparations by pupils and the expressive arts department, with artwork created in the classroom and evening workshops. The project was coordinated alongside Who Cares? Scotland and local artist, Dawn Hair, of RIG Arts.

According to Who Cares? Scotland, this year’s powerful theme ‘Tending the Light’ asked what it takes for us to Tend the Light and keep the beacons burning brightly for Care Experienced people across Scotland? What is the light that we are tending? Is it the light of The Promise, the light of love and care, of doing things differently? Is it tending our own light, making sure it burns brightly so it can be seen by those who need it? Is it the light of our Care Experienced people, nurturing their own inner beacons, supporting them to shine brightly?

Among the installations included lighthouses of various scales symbolising the guiding light that draws boats at sea to safe harbour, a colourful light feature created from recycled plastic, a light projection display, electrifying music, an illuminated Kibble logo composed of vibrant bottle tops and buttons as well as a projector casting shadows in red, green and blue – perfect for photo opportunities and a chance for young people to practice their gymnastic prowess! Of course, every opportunity is a chance to learn and achieve, and the exhibition forms part of young people’s national qualifications and wider achievement awards.

The exhibition was a resounding success and welcomed pupils from each school to come and see their artwork come to life. Kibble staff attended in their allocated times and to say there was high praise for the pupils was an understatement. We’re incredibly proud of what pupils have achieved and once again this demonstrates the incredible talent and creative imagination of young people across Kibble.

“So impressed! The imagination, creativity and colour has blown me away. Everyone involved should be so proud”. Jemma from Who Cares? Scotland

Outstanding! And showed lots of talent”. Dan

“Such colourful light houses – I loved them all”. Anon

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