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Posted: October 16, 2023

Jura, one of the houses within our Safe Centre, held a Sports Day. The healthy competition got everyone outside and active.

When it is dry weather outside with bright, blue skies it’s important to get outdoors as the fresh air can help our minds switch-off. The chance to clear our thoughts by spending time in natural light – whether exercising or relaxing is an essential part of any daily routine.

The adults within Jura always encourage young people to share how they would like to spend their time. The adults enthusiastically and wholeheartedly join in with the fun activities and games as spending time all together can create great laughs and happy memories. Young people decided to set-up a Sports Day and had great fun challenging one another and the adults around them.

“Kids had a brilliant time – taking part in a Kirby Championship, wheelbarrow race and handstand competition.”

Rhiannon, Service Manager
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