School Assembly Welcomes Four-Legged Guest - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: September 14, 2017

Social enterprise Doggy Chillin brought along an excitable 4-legged dog ‘Jenna’  to our school’s special assembly. Pupils were taught an invaluable lesson on how to be safe around dogs and to better understand their behaviours.

Doggy Chillin is a Paisley based social enterprise set up by qualified dog whisperer Colum Scriven alongside Catherine Quinn, a former teacher, and Jim Glancy Durning, a qualified social worker. They have designed a series of courses which can be delivered in schools to enable young people to grow in confidence around dogs through a heightened appreciation for their nature.

While the teenage pupils weren’t quite as bright eyed and bushy-tailed as Jenna the dog first thing in the morning, they loved the opportunity to learn more about the animal’s behaviours. This type of learning is particularly valuable for young people at Kibble, as many have a history of trauma or neglect. As a result, some pupils can find it difficult to engage in traditional methods of learning. By safely introduced dogs to this learning environment, the focus is shifted from the pupil to the dog and this can have a positive impact on their educational development.

Of course, dogs are no strangers to Kibble’s campus! One of our Duty Managers Maggie Ramsey brings dog Jasper to work with her regularly and the pupils adore him.  He’s forever racing around campus at 100mph lapping up the attention of young people and the care team.

Jenna the dog with staff from Doggy Chillin.
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