Pupils Become Film Directors  - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: May 27, 2024

Pupils were set the task of creating 10 short films showcasing the different roles and departments of Police Scotland. The insightful series has become a learning resource for young children to understand the number of specialisms that exist within the police.

The young persons’ direction and point-of-view means the films are likely to capture interest from the intended younger audience. Police Scotland recognise the value young directors bring and proactively try to co-produce with children and young people when creating educational materials for youngsters. It was agreed the 1-minute clips would be a digital series with 10 cards displayed on the interactive board in the classroom for children to click and select which police officer they’d like to watch first.

The young directors from Kibble met with Police Scotland’s Air Support Unit, Wildlife Crime division and more. The pupils’ found each officers’ stories interesting, which motivated them to direct fun videos that would be fascinating to watch. As well as learning about the Police themselves, young people discovered the importance of camera work, good lighting and crisp clear sound and used a boom mic, camera stand and other professional equipment.

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