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Posted: October 23, 2020

About the Project

Kibble have set up Project Connect-19, funded by National Lottery Community Fund, to help care leavers transition into independent living through the pandemic.

A support network has been formed to offer guidance, advice, activities and friendship to care leavers; and we have adapted the model to be safe during the pandemic. The help available is extensive and ranges from mental health support from qualified counsellors, regular video calls, social distancing walks, as well as providing assistance in the areas of housing and welfare, further education and more.

Computer Says Yes

Project Connect-19 ensure all young people have the technology in place to partake in the online sessions. By making online access available, young people can connect, even during an intense lockdown situation.

Online Cooking Classes

A popular activity has been virtual cooking and baking classes. Project Connect-19 delivers a box of ingredients to young people who in turn, join the online tutorial and create a meal and dessert themselves.

Mid-week has been titled Wok Wednesday as stir fry is becoming a crowd pleaser.

The dessert recipes are becoming more and more challenging transitioning from cupcakes to delicious Nutella Cheesecake.

Since the project began, the self-confidence of young people has grown massively as they have learned to cook their own meals from scratch.

Hear from Young People Themselves

Get Involved

If you’re a young care leaver who would like to know more, or if you are enquiring on behalf of a young person, make an enquiry by reaching our to project manager, Sandra Guiney.

Email or call 07773 176 728.

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