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Posted: June 29, 2023

Kibble’s Goudie Academy took part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) by The Wood Foundation with pupils advocating for their chosen charity to receive a grant of £3K.

Meet The Pupils

The YPI involved young people working in groups to research a social cause important to them before creating and delivering a presentation to a group of judges. The judging panel awarded one winning team the fulfilling prize of gifting their selected charity a grant of £3K.

Meet The Charities

This year, five groups reached the final with their carefully crafted and well-researched presentations. The finalist charities who were represented included: Beatson, Make a Wish, SISCO, Turning Point Scotland and SAMH.

Pupils had met with the charities, asking questions and gaining an insight into the important life-changing impact each one has on people’s daily lives.

The interviews between pupils and charities were essential for the young presenters to share and convey the genuine, monumental difference their charity makes in the world to the esteemed judges.

Meet the Judges

The judging panel consisted of members from Kibble’s Education Management Team as well as Education Sub-Committee members and Kibble Board Members. Each judge listened intently to young people explain the need for their charity, the valuable work carried out by the charity and what it means to those affected to have the charity’s help, support and encouragement. After much deliberation, the judges announced the winning charity for 2023 was SISCO who received the £3,000 grant.

Norrie McKay, Kibble Education Sub- Committee member, shared, “It was a privilege to hear from you all. It was an inspiring event. The pupils showed great courage and commitment and I hope they are able to engage further with their chosen charities.”

Norrie’s fellow Sub-Committee member, Varri Steel, commented, “It was wonderful experience, and it was clear to see the young people got a lot out of the experience.”

About the Winning Charity

Sustainable Interventions Supporting Change Outside (SISCO) is helping to build a bridge between prison and the community by offering ways of recovery to individuals caught up in a cycle of addiction. SISCO’s powerful work involves many activities including: delivering health and well-being sessions, mentor sessions, hill walks, park walks, daily phone support, signposting to other services and pathways to education. Thank you to SISCO for your hard-work, determination, and dedication to supporting your community.

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