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Posted: February 22, 2021

Our nurturing children’s residential houses for little ones aged five-12 are warm, welcoming and filled with love. Meet Manager, Natalie who has a valuable role in helping children feel settled in their new home. She shares an insight into the support children receive while being part of Kibble’s residential service.

Settle In

Natalie’s role involves spending time with children as young as five and up to 12 years old, who may have experienced trauma or adversity. She helps them settle into Arran Villa or Forest View, which are beautiful homes designed to be therapeutic with nature-inspired interiors, natural lights and tactile furnishings intended to maintain a calm, uplifting environment for the children.

Everything We Do

At Kibble, our style of care is modelled on strong research into trauma-informed practice. Everything we do is intended to help the children we support, and their families, manage their past experiences and move forward. Each child has a dedicated psychologist, therapist and social worker who work closely together with the young person and their family to create an environment and care plan, which helps to keep them safe, connecting with those who can provide the resources required  to help them cope and move forward.

The Kids Get Decorating

Natalie shares there has been a lot of excitement recently as each child has been given the chance to choose a theme for their own bedrooms as we redesign and build the houses. We have encouraged the children to use their imagination and pick a theme that speaks to them, while being guided by our interior designer on colour schemes, which have been identified within trauma-informed principles.

Children will have the opportunity to design a personal space where they can relax. This may be the first time many of the children at Arran Villa and Forest View have been given a safe and nurturing space, never mind the choice to decorate and make their room their own.

The benefits of this refurb and build are endless to those we support. The space will be suited to the exact needs of the children we care for while creating calming influences which support each young person.

Hear from Natalie

Natalie said: “It has been fantastic seeing the kids take to their new space so well. One of the younger children in Arran Villa recently redecorated her room using drawings of unicorns and colourful sticky notes with positive messages written on them.

At Kibble we hope to mitigate any negative, traumatic life experiences a child may have had through early intervention. By working with the children and their families we hope to give them a chance at life which may have been unimaginable otherwise.”

“By involving children in the decisions about their own life, confidence and self-worth can be learned, or regained, as they recover some control over their own destiny.”


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Kibble’s Staff Team

At Kibble, we provide care, education and support to children and young people, many of whom have experienced trauma or adversity. This responsibility involves a huge staff team made up of exceptional individuals who are highly qualified, well-trained, and fully committed to playing a positive part in a child’s life. Each member of our team is friendly, fun, and thoughtful. Together, we are a constant source of love for the children who are part our residential care houses.

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