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Posted: September 21, 2022

Child and Youth Care Worker, Lola left the hospitality sector in 2017 to begin a career in care with Kibble and would encourage others to follow in her footsteps.

About Child and Youth Care Worker, Lola

Lola qualified as a Child and Youth Care Worker through our Career Start in Child and Youth Care training programme, which recruits people with life experience and provides full training and mentoring. Since joining Kibble in 2017, Lola has progressed her career and successfully achieved her Professional Practice Award in Mentoring SCQF level 7 qualification. The qualification will see her mentor and pass on what she has learned to her fellow colleagues.

Lola Shares Her Staff-in-Training Experience

“I moved into child and youth care from hospitality with little experience, but thankfully that didn’t matter due to the extensive and thorough training Kibble were able to provide me with.

“Kibble recruit people with all different experience as long as they have a drive to help young people.

“The essential requirement is the aspiration to support young people and provide them with a better chance at life – if you have that we will work with you to make sure you have the skills and experience to become the best carer possible.”

Career Development

The in-house Learning and Development team invest in employees gaining further qualifications and training. The hope is that by generating the most highly trained staff in the sector, we will be capable of providing young people with the support that they need.

Lola’s story was covered in the Paisley Daily Express.

Become a Child and Youth Care Worker

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