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Posted: September 4, 2023

Kibble’s Skills Academy offers young people the chance to complete academic, practical and entrepreneurial projects. The students who selected to qualify in Bike Maintenance have gained valuable employability skills and are working towards the prestigious Saltire Award.

About the Qualification

The Bike Maintenance students are working towards the qualification of SCQF Level 3/4 in Cycle Maintenance and are set to achieve the employability units of Personal Development Self and Work, Work Placement, Steps to Work and SQA Employability. Through the vocational course taught by experienced Instructor, Robert Ross, young people learn essential skills in how to repair and maintain bicycles to a roadworthy standard.

Each student can independently complete a quality assurance master checklist when evaluating if a bike is fit-for-purpose. Methodically, the frame, wheels, handlebars, pedals and chain, breaks and gears, along with the saddle are all observed and reviewed with the relevant tool selected to repair if needed.

The process of applying difference tools and placing bike parts together can be therapeutic as the young bike mechanic must concentrate and focus on the task in-front of them and disregard all other distractions.

Instructor, Robert Ross, praised the independence shown by the existing students as they have tremendous problem-solving skills and always try and suggest a solution when a bike has an issue. The students in the class have also developed team-building abilities and communicate with one another about the next steps in how to best repair the bike fault.

“I want to further expand my knowledge and skills in Bike Maintenance and have the chance to learn about more advanced tools.”

Bike Maintenance Student

The students have the ambition and willingness to continue increasing their knowledge of complex bike tools and equipment.

The Practical Responsibilities of the Bike Mechanics-in-Training

The students’ enthusiasm has expanded outside the bike workshop at The Skills Academy. The young Bike Mechanics-in-Training join Instructor, Robert Ross, in maintaining the bike fleet across Kibble including the bicycles belonging to the children who live at Forest View and Arran Villa. Cycling is one of their favourite activities to do therefore the upkeep is an important responsibility.

Additionally, the bikes used by pupils for PE at Kibble’s primary and secondary schools are maintained by The Skills Academy’s bike workshop.

Valuable and Entrepreneurial Projects

Upcycling is achieved by our driven cycle technicians as outdated and unused bicycles can be refurbished and returned to working condition. The repaired, second-hand bikes are available to purchase from The Skills Academy for a minimum fee to make owning a new bike accessible and affordable to more people within the community.

Upcycled bikes have also previously been donated by ourselves to children’s nursery schools and St Vincent’s Hospice. The experience of cycling should be enjoyed by all who wish to try the fun-packed activity.

Inspiring the Younger Generation to Learn About Bike Maintenance

Our Bike Maintenance students are motivating the young generation to learn the valuable and lifelong skill of being able to care for your own bicycle. Our students volunteer at the local Fordbank Primary School and run bike maintenance workshops passing on their knowledge to younger pupils.

The commitment young people have made to volunteering at the local school is helping them work towards being recognised by The Saltire Award, which will see the students gaining a nationally recognised certificate, signed by Scottish Government Ministers, to celebrate and reward their voluntary achievements. It is a prestigious accolade that will stand out to future potential employers.

Overall, the Bike Maintenance students are leading by example and showcasing the accomplishments that can be reached when you are encouraged and supported in a subject you enjoy learning about.

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