Kibble’s Intensive Fostering Services receive top grades - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: May 30, 2013

Kibble’s Intensive Fostering Services have been awarded top grades from the Care Inspectorate: five ‘excellent’ ratings (grade 6) and one very good (grade 5).

Staff are pleased that following its recent visit, the Care Inspectorate described IFS staff and management as excellent and the care and support they provide as both very good and excellent.

The Care Inspectorate looked into all areas of the service and IFS Manager Kay Gibson was particularly happy with the feedback the young people and their carers provided.

Kay said: “Young people and carers both said they were really happy with the service that IFS provides and it was great to hear one young person describe us as being like a proper family.

“Young people talked about the benefits of always having someone to talk to and carers talked about being treated as members of Kibble’s team – these are things we’ve always aimed to achieve in the service so it’s great to have the recognition for this.

“Everyone is thrilled with the grades because we know what it means for the young people we’re caring for – they’re getting the best care and commitment that we can give.”

In particular, the report noted:

  • Young people are encouraged and supported to be involved in all aspects of their care.
  • The teamwork between staff and carers means that the health and wellbeing of young people remains a priority.
  • Staff are well supported by a management team of child centred, committed individuals.
  • Links to Kibble’s Specialist Intervention Services that provide psychological support for young people with more complex needs.

Kay added: “We always have room to improve the service and will keep trying to do so but it’s great to know that the building blocks of even more improvement are all there.”

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