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Posted: January 3, 2024

Kibble’s Goudie Academy has its own hair and beauty salon for pupils to learn practical skills in a subject they enjoy. Young people invited all at Kibble to be pampered with beauty treatments for the small cost of a charity donation. The aspiring Hair and Beauty Therapists excelled at the treatments with everyone in awe at the professionalism and confidence of the pupils. 

As the Christmas holidays were vastly approaching, pupils decided the festive period was a time that people wanted to look their best. Each pupil agreed, “it tends to be a busy time filled with plans”. As hair and beauty students, they knew they had the expertise to help with any last-minute beauty appointments and would thoroughly enjoy the chance to practice and act as real-life salon owners. The genuine practice would contribute to their coursework and take them a step closer to qualifying. It was decided and all across Kibble were invited to book in for a range of beauty treatments.

Young students, with help from their teachers, were determined to impress and show-off what they had learned over the past year, and their promise to ‘WOW’ was delivered as the ‘clients’ were delighted with their beautiful results.

A full range of beauty treatments were offered, including: a hair wash and blow-dry, hair-styled up or in a curl, gents’ hair-cut, gel nails, eyebrow tinting, waxing and sparkly hair extensions. As soon as the salon opened at 10am, it was bustling with people deciding what treatment to go for; young people chatting away to those in their beauty chair and coffees being made. The hair and beauty classroom truly transformed into a busy, friendly and fun beauty salon.

One young person had perfected putting in sparkly hair extensions and everyone who seen the finished result got in the queue to also have glitter be put in their hair for their Christmas and New Year parties.

A lot of practice and effort had gone into learning how to do this glamorous beauty treatment as the hairdresser-in-training applied great concentration and precision while still smiling and chatting – making the tricky treatment appear effortless. The nail art was particularly impressive too with Santa hats, glitter and the classic French manicure being popular choices.

“I can see myself in future having a hair and beauty salon – I also love horses so the dream is to have my own stables and go horse-riding in-between my beauty appointments”.

Young pupil who is a hairdresser-in-training

Everyone who left the salon, walked away with a smile as the group of pupils’, teachers and fellow colleagues had a wonderful time getting ready for the Christmas holidays.

Kibble prides itself on providing young learners with a wide breadth of subject choices, a varied curriculum and a focus on practical skills while still following Curriculum for Excellence. The tailored education creates a supportive learning environment, which inspires young people to further explore their passion and genuine interests, motivating young people to succeed and build potential future career paths. Entrepreneurial spirit is also encouraged all the way up to The Skills Academy.

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