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Posted: March 7, 2022

The last Friday of February marked Purple Friday, the LGBT Youth Scotland annual fundraising day. Kibble celebrated and whole-heartedly joined in to raise funds through events and activities.

For Purple Friday, a collective challenge was set. All participants across Scotland had the mission to collectively walk the outline of the country in one day and raise £20,000. As part of the feat, Team Kibble had to walk a minimum of 5K and raise £350. By the end of the day, Team Kibble had impressively surpassed the target to reach an incredible 331K.

Across Kibble, everyone was determined to contribute steps to the overall total. There were group walks planned at The Skills Academy, Forest View primary school and amongst staff teams such as our Learning and Development department. The step count was boosted with Zumba and a stationary bike that was kept moving throughout the day. While our bake sale was constantly busy with delicious treats selling like hotcakes, increasing the amount raised in our purpose of ensuring LGBT people are valued.  

As staff, pupils and young people came together with the shared vision of making Scotland as inclusive as possible, a strong sense of belonging was felt. Together, we laughed and worked hard to meet our step count and fundraising target, contributing to a great cause while having fun. The camaraderie created an extremely joyful experience.

“Purple Friday was the best day ever; I was living my best life the whole day.”

Goudie Academy pupil

Kibble holds the value of respect and Purple Friday helped to showcase the acceptance of the LGBT community. Young people themselves expressed the importance of sending a positive message that the LGBT community are safe, included and supported.  

“It is important for all young people and staff to know their identify is accepted at Kibble, that everyone will be supportive and that any form of bullying is unacceptable. It is powerful to make sure young people and staff feel safe as soon as they arrive, boosting everyone’s mental health and wellbeing.”

Young person from the LGBTQ+ pupil support group

In partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland, Kibble has successfully achieved the LGBT Charter, gaining knowledge and confidence to create an inclusive environment where LGBT people are valued. We will strive to continue making all feel welcome. 

“I am delighted for Kibble to have achieved the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter. I am proud of how we have grown to become an organisation that is more inclusive and values diversity and is a safe space for our LGBTQ young people and staff.”

Executive Director Neil McMillan

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