How Our Goudie Academy Is Marking COP26 Glasgow - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: November 4, 2021

COP26 has begun in Glasgow with world leaders, delegates and activists all set to tackle climate change. To achieve our climate goals and secure a brighter future for our children and the generations to come, everyone must change.

At Kibble’s Goudie Academy, the beginning of the monumental climate change conference was marked with some education staff dressing up as influential leaders. This immediately sparked a conversation amongst pupils. Together, staff and pupils agreed to think about ways to help restore, replace or recycle across campus.

Our school took part in a Climate Action Workshop focused on ‘Our Climate, Our Future’. This encouraged us to have conversations about how we could be more environmentally friendly. Pupils were vocal in putting forward suggestions about how to make positive contributions and combat climate change.

How We Can Combat Climate Change

As COP26 continues, we are focusing on climate, nature and sustainability with lots of insightful events taking place. We are dedicated more than ever to personally contribute in becoming planet-friendly.

Our COP26 Glasgow timeline to help us keep up-to-date with milestones.
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