Exploring Emotions Through Dance - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: April 5, 2022

Young people at Kibble alongside teachers took part in the innovative theatre programme ‘BROAD’ at The Tramway in Glasgow alongside Scottish Ballet.

The immersive programme, co-designed by arts organisations Company Chameleon and Odd Arts, aims to build resilience and support young people to manage adversity through a culmination of theatre, drama, dance and psychology.

Six young people took part in the week-long workshop programme where lead dancer Kevin Edward Turner of Company Chameleon and Scottish Ballet’s Rhianna Laws taught a series of dance sessions exploring emotional intelligence, self-expression, drama, dance and movement, performance and teamwork. All young people positively engaged with the sessions, enjoying workshops with the professional artists and performing alongside their friends. Kibble’s Education Manager Laura Cairns explained:

“The programme was a huge success with the young people, and it felt like we had all formed a close-knit performance company. The workshop leaders were hugely inspirational and motivating, helping to create a safe, supportive space where everyone felt comfortable to express thoughts, ideas and emotions which then flowed into the performances”

“We couldn’t believe how engaged young people were and before they even began performing, they stood on the floor with their heads held high and the sense of pride and confidence they demonstrated was radiating from them. It was a joy to watch them learn and to see them so immersed in the workshops”.

As well as the workshop programme, young people and staff were also treated to a tour around the impressive Tramway Theatre, home to the Scottish Ballet. Young people were particularly impressed with the costume studio and shoe room where tutus and ballet shoes from past performances including Swan Lake and The Snow Queen lined the walls. Principle Dancer at Scottish Ballet, Jerome Anthony Barnes also stopped by to speak to the group and give insights into his career as a dancer.

The entire experience from beginning to end was incredibly inspiring, creating a welcoming and inclusive space for young people to shine. We’re already looking forward to next year and the opportunities the innovative partnership will bring. 

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