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Posted: December 24, 2021

The elves returned to visit us for Christmas 2021. Look at some of the mischief they’ve caused throughout December.

Every morning, the kids enjoyed waking up to see what the elves have been up to. A letter from the North Pole landed on the doorstep, it explained Santa’s elves were prone to being silly. However, the elves were also very kind and brought items of food for the children to collect and donate to those in need. There’s plenty of fun to be had while also helping others and spreading lots of Christmas cheer.

Look at what mischief the elves got up

The elves are certainly back with a bang.

Gotta keep toasty this cold morning.

The elves have been up to “snow” good.

Who is always tired at breakfast?

Where have the elves been hiding?

They’ve challenged us to a colouring competition.


It’s an obstacle course.

All aboard the Elf Express.

Let’s twist again.

It’s time for hot chocolate while we wait for Santa to arrive…

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