EFeCT Takes Scotland by Storm - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: June 4, 2019

Trauma experts from all corners of the globe gathered in the city of Glasgow in May to attend the annual EFeCT Symposium hosted by Kibble. The European conference which focuses on best practice for children’s mental health and wellbeing services was an overwhelming success. Delegates from the Netherlands, Germany, Norway Portugal, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, USA and Australia attended the three-day event to hear from experts in the field of trauma-informed care.

As this is the second time Kibble has hosted the EFeCT event, there was an opportunity to create a learning environment, bringing to the table our approaches and sharing them with global counterparts and vice versa. Representing Scotland’s care sector is of the upmost honour for Kibble, and as we are very much focussed on trying to lead with a trauma informed approach this particular EFeCT conference was invaluable to our practice. The keynote speakers created excellent discussions structured around the 3 pillars of the trauma informed model: safety, connections and coping, as well as creating a connection between young people and professionals in regard to harnessing lived experiences.

Global EFeCT members also got the chance to delve into Kibble’s Scottish heritage with some whisky tasting at the evening dinner, held at the prestigious Merchants House. Delegates were also greeted by a young piper and there was even some impromptu ceilidh dancing for good measure! This was a great way to connect with the global counterparts where all members toasted in their nation’s language. Overall the EFeCT conference was an outstanding success and showed that Kibble are continuing to put their best foot forward.

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