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Posted: December 29, 2023

Lianna is a Service Manager within one of our residential children’s houses based in the lively town of Paisley and having built a career at Kibble spanning over 14 years she has happily spent many Christmases with young people. Lianna shares that every Christmas is different as she tries to make the day personal to each individual.

This year, Lianna dressed up as Rudolph and visited young people alongside the Grinch and Santa’s Elf. No matter what an adult’s role at Kibble, a residential childcare worker, Senior Practitioner, Service Manager or other, everyone wholeheartedly joins in and creates fun festive memories to make children and young people all smile.

Lianna expresses her joy of being part of young peoples’ Christmas memories: “We have the privilege of providing care and love for young people all year-round and this can mean working on Christmas Day, which personally I very much enjoy. Together, us adults do our best to make this a positive time while being mindful that the festive period can look and feel very different to each young person. Many young people can find the busy period a difficult time. However, our special celebration is using Christmas as an excuse to get everyone around the table together, having a laugh.

“My belief is that Christmas is made special by all the adults at Kibble going above and beyond to make sure young people feel loved and are given experiences that will last a lifetime.

“I hope in the years to come; young people fondly remember the Christmases spent here.”

Christmas 2023 has been made particularly memorable by a young person who decided to fundraise for Shelter Scotland who support those living on the streets this winter. The young person encouraged all across the organisation to donate clothing, toiletries and gifts as well as selling home-made cakes every Friday in December. The selflessness and caring nature of this young person is an example of true Christmas spirit.

Lianna was in awe at the young person’s consideration for others: “The genuine compassion and empathy shown towards others by this amazing girl has been emotional and heart-warming to see. She has worked tirelessly to make Christmas a wee bit better for others”

It is clear that at Kibble, the true meaning of Christmas is exemplified by adults and young people alike.

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