Discover Our Summer Adventures - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: October 2, 2023

Forest View and Arran Villa have arranged fantastic trips with the young adventurers picking Blackpool, Blair Drummond Safari Park and the Circus. Children also confidently chose to attend summer camps.

Everyone excitedly counted down to their holiday to Blackpool and even traffic delays on the journey down South couldn’t affect the smiles, laughter and chat about the fun activities planned. Throughout the holiday, young people and adults alike had a blast!

As well as an overnight stay at Blackpool, lots of days out were organised to keep us all entertained. Three of our children’s residential houses, for those aged from five-years-old, came together for a trip to Blair Drummond and the Circus. Everyone enjoyed seeing their friends from Kibble or school. There were opportunities to make new friends with those from the same local area who had come to the event on the same day. The adults proudly watched the kids’ joyful faces as they created friendships with fellow young people around them.

The six-weeks were filled with summer camps too as each child has their own hobby and were keen to continue their interest while schools finished for a break. Great memories were made at camps for football, dance and drama. The kids grew in confidence after dedicating time to their favourite activity. Their enthusiasm for practicing and carrying out new skills and techniques is reflective of how much they’ve grown, their own increased understanding of who they are as a person and their courage in trying new experiences.

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