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Posted: March 2, 2023

Change and Hope: Transitions into, out of and within care for young people

On 9th February, seven learners from Goudie Academy took part in a workshop alongside students from Glasgow School of Art (GSA) Masters in Service Design programme around Change and Hope.

In the workshop, learners discussed the different experiences they have had in moving into and within care, and what they feel could be improved / developed to make things better for children and young people.

All learners who attended were fantastic – honest and articulate about their feelings and experiences, speaking very well about what they would hope to change for future young people and their own hopes for moving onwards.

Following on from this session, we will work alongside the GSA’s Design Innovation Department to enable our learners to see first-hand where the design students work, and to enjoy a tour around Glasgow’s iconic art school to experience what being a student there is like.

“That was really an eye-opening experience, and we had a lot of fun talking with staff and students there.”

Glasgow School of ​​​​​​​Art Student

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