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Posted: June 5, 2019

Last Friday was a memorable day in the Kibble calendar as we celebrated the outstanding achievements of the class of 2019.

The afternoon saw pupils, staff, friends and families gather together in their finest for a ceremony recognising the breadth of skills, qualifications and achievements of pupils. There was much praise in the room as head teacher Tracie McEwan, alongside key tutors presented certificates to the pupils and spoke of their long list of achievements throughout the year. For some pupils, the awards ceremony marks the transition from secondary education onto a new and exciting chapter for them.

Many of the pupils will be starting employment and further qualifications at KibbleWorks, Kibble’s collection of social enterprises supporting young people into employment. Some pupils will be moving onto further education at college or into full-time employment.

It was a day of much emotion, and above all an incredible sense of pride. Headteacher, Tracie, praised the resilience of the pupils for overcoming such barriers in life and going on to achieve so many great things. This is just the start of their journey, and the young people will go on to achieve so much more if they continue to believe in themselves. Amongst the pupils, we have future mechanics, beauticians, carers, landscape gardeners, and actors and actresses – so much talent in the midst!

This transition can be a tough time for many as they move further into adulthood and take on more responsibilities. That’s why we never close the door and continue to support the young people into the next stage. As one key tutor said, “you know that if you ever need me for anything, I’ll be in the garage and you can come and see me or call me at any time”. The relationships between staff and pupils can’t be underestimated – one key worker arrived in a tuxedo with a large bouquet of flowers for the young person he supports to celebrate this special day.

Congratulations to the class of 2019 – go out and be all you can be!

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