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Posted: June 6, 2022

Goudie Academy’s Summer Festival celebrated the achievements of the class of 2022. The event was a phenomenal success.

Welcome Class of 2022

The event was set to be spectacular from beginning to end. Welcomed by the lively sound of drums, we  passed the entrance into the festival itself. Live music filled the room with teachers and pupils playing on the main stage to the crowd, who were loudly singing back to the band. The atmosphere was fantastic with pupils, families, staff and even pets, getting together.

There was a photo booth, slushie machine, buffet and plenty of sweets and cupcakes. The table names were all famous music festivals from Wireless to Glastonbury. As everyone mingled across the room, taking part in the fun activities and catching up with one another, all would agree that the best summer festival was happening right in that moment at Kibble.

Pets were invited too.

About Our School Leavers

The school leaver presentation was the main event. Each teacher took time to speak about an individual pupil. The personalised talk about the progress each young person had made was awe-inspiring.

Principal Teacher, Lucy Mason shared, it was incredible to teach one of the kindest souls. To see confidence levels develop through projects with YDance was monumental. Lucy announced it was a privilege to see a pupil thrive and secure a place at college to do health and social care. Teacher, Chris reflected on 2022 and shared the achievements of one of his pupils who had shown a talent for performance, composition and understanding music. Qualifications and Attainment Manager, Fiona Sinclair told the room, a person can have all the qualifications in the world, but it takes a kind heart and a big smile to go far.

Graduates received their leavers hoodie and leavers handbook for their friends to sign as well as a portfolio marking their achievements.

It is Not Goodbye; it is See You Later

The day was a true celebration of the progress each pupil made while attending Goudie Academy. From making friends, finding subjects they enjoyed and participating in projects with Scottish Ballet, YDance and more. It is not goodbye as school leavers can always reach out to those who taught them at Kibble.

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