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Posted: October 4, 2020

Now accepting applications for our Child and Youth Care Worker Trainee Programme. Kibble is proud to recruit enthusiastic, hard-working people with life experience.

Being a Child and Youth Care Worker truly is a job like no other. It can challenge, enthuse, and inspire with each moment. But one thing remains constant, the desire to give young people a chance at life.

What would a Child and Youth Care Worker do every day?

Young people often come to Kibble at a time of crisis in their life. We provide them with the care that gives stability and opportunities that young people deserve. Day-to-day, this could be as simple as supporting a young person attending school, or helping access training and employment.

When young people are enjoying leisure time, you might go fishing, play sport, or visit the cinema. Giving young people the chance to access the same opportunities and experiences as everyone else their age is a core part of  the job.

Of course, there is an important element of report writing and monitoring to ensure that care plans are up-to-date and that young people are getting the best care possible. But it is not all about spreadsheets with facts and figures. It is about being able to connect and build trusting relationships with young people, who often have many reasons to distrust adults.

Watch Our Video

Find out about the role directly from our Child and Youth Care Worker Jim. He shares an insight into what it is like working at our therapeutic primary school.

As Kibble supports five – 26-year-olds, our Child and Youth Care Worker role can offer the opportunity of job variety.

Who can become a Child and Youth Care Worker and what skills are required?

Quite simply, there is no definitive path to becoming a good Child and Youth Care Worker. Whether you have been working in the building trade for 20 years, or are a social work student straight from university, being a good candidate depends on a range of factors. It doesn’t matter what gender, age, or direct caring experience you have.

What does matter is the ability and determination to connect with young people. Successful applicants get the chance to study for all of the required qualifications, including their HNC in Social Services, as well as get practical experience throughout their time.

What can I expect from Kibble’s trainee programme?

Working at Kibble is a rewarding and enjoyable opportunity. Our trainees can expect to be put on a 12 month programme that offers:

  • an opportunity to obtain an HNC in Social Services along with other nationally recognised and certificated training courses
  • valuable, real-life work experience
  • an opportunity to transfer existing skills
  • personal mentoring guidance and support throughout
  • living wage salary

If you invest time and energy in the role, the rewards are life changing. Not just for the young person you are caring for, but for you too. So why not think about applying, and see if you are the person to help give a young person a chance at life.

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