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Posted: October 20, 2023

Kibble’s Career Start training programme gave Paul the chance to begin an entirely new career at 32.

Previously a fork lift driver, Paul had the ambition to find a job role that involved him helping others. He wanted a more fulfilling career and was prepared to develop existing skills to make it a reality. He had looked up to guidance teachers while at school himself and was motivated to learn how he could do something similar. An avid sports fan and team player, Paul knew he was outgoing, enthusiastic and active. He believed he could relate to young people and bring laugher and fun into their lives.

Paul shared, “When I found out about Kibble’s Career Start training programme, the opportunity was too good not to try.

“It has been 10 months into the year-long training course and I am so happy I made the decision to join.”

I’d 100% recommend Career Start to anyone keen to start a new career helping other people. Through Kibble you really can make a difference in the world.

“The academic side of the course and gaining a HNC in Social Care was daunting. However, one day a week is dedicated to spending time in the classroom with Kibble’s experienced trainers plus we have a study day to reflect on what has been taught.

“The trainee role is practice-based with a work placement so I’d say the theory-side is enlightening. It is good to understand the reasoning behind why we do what we do.

“The best thing about working at Kibble is seeing the difference in a young person between meeting them for the first time and as they spend more time with us, seeing their confidence grow and their full personality come out.

“Three traits you need to become a trainee are transparency, honestly and communication. Be yourself and if you say you’re going to do something, follow-through as that’s the best way for young people to trust you. By building trust, young people are more likely to listen to you and take onboard your explanations, advice and friendship.”

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