Career Start | Meet Trainee Child and Youth Care Worker, Amanda - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: May 16, 2023

Trainee Amanda’s enthusiasm is exactly who Kibble’s Career Start programme recruits for. Those who have a drive to make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

Previously working in retail, Amanda wanted a career that was rewarding. She applied to Career Start to begin a career in Child and Youth Care and play a positive role in the lives of young people.

Amanda was surprised at how much she even enjoyed the Career Start interview process, which involved a group assessment then a panel interview with a young person participating too. She shared that Kibble interested in her as they provide full training and mentoring.

“One of the best things about Career Start is the opportunity to go through the learning experience with a wider group of fellow trainees. We can share our experiences and motivate one another.

“There is complete support throughout Career Start. Kibble’s staff team, the colleagues we work with every day and previous trainees all are on-hand to offer advice and guidance, there is such camaraderie at Kibble.”

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Amanda shares her experience from the interview process to spending time with children and young people.

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