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Posted: June 12, 2024

Senior learners from Goudie Academy gathered in their finest to celebrate their school prom and all of their achievements!

This year’s theme was Glitz and Glam, as decided by learners, and the afternoon’s celebrations certainly lived up to the glamorous title! Graduates were formally greeted at the entrance to Kibble’s Gannochy Theatre – the glittering backdrop of the day’s events.  Fifth year learners were integral in the organising of the day’s events, including the planning, design and dressing of the room, under the watchful eye of their teachers.

It was a day of huge celebration and pride as senior learners graduated from Goudie Academy, with a special ceremony to congratulate them on their many achievements. Awards were handed out by key tutors to all graduates, who proudly and emotionally spoke of their key pupil’s academic journey, their achievements, all that they are and all that they will go on to achieve. The sky is the limit! Everyone also watched a video showcase celebrating their educational highlights across the years.

There was lots of toe-tapping, singing and dancing as the Kibble band ‘The Komonauts’ took to the stage to perform a medley of popular songs in front of an excited audience. The accumulation of years of band rehearsals, performances and coaching.

Delicious food and mocktails were served by HE Teacher, Carol Keegan, and perhaps the icing on the cake was the doughnut wall and sweetie stall. With dressing up the theme of the day, there was much hilarity at the photo booth, with young people and teachers getting celebratory snaps in silly hats, glasses and other crazy props.

Leona Donnelly, Deputy Head of Education, commented:

We’d like to take this opportunity to express our sincere congratulations to the class of 2024 and we know that they will go on to achieve so many great and wonderful things in the future. It’s been a pleasure and honour to welcome you to classes each day and share in all of your incredible achievements.

Posted: June 6, 2024

Kibble were amongst an entire network of individuals, organisations and local authorities who all influence the lives of children and young people on a daily basis.

Children and Young People’s Commissioner, Nicola Killean opened the conference with Young Person Chair, Mhairi and together they began the two-day event filled with powerful keynote speeches and insightful workshops. The following day, the delegates were welcomed by Chief Executive of Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire and Board Convenor of Children in Scotland, Steven Sweeney alongside Young Person Chair, Olive.

The highlight of the event, in our opinion, were the workshops held by our very own Kibble colleagues.

Therapeutic Practitioner, Rachel; Principal Teacher, Lucy and Service Manager, Caitlin led a session titled, “When young people are risky, complex or ‘stuck’. A case study of integrative working from Kibble.” Each of them gave an honest account of working alongside one another while striving to work also with young people; rather than young people feeling therapy and care is something done ‘to’ them, it must be carried out ‘with’ them. Rachel, Lucy and Caitlin were upfront about their experience of trying to change environments to care for young people with complex trauma and reinforced the essential requirements of time and patience. The session ended on an extremely positive note with Rachel’s sharing an uplifting monumental moment: when a young person felt ready to go cold water swimming.

Additionally, SAFE and IVY delivered a workshop about the difference being made through the two community-based services. Senior Family Service Practitioner and Family Psychotherapist, Amanda and Social Worker, Mhairi spoke of the progress made to date.

Overall, everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the event, each learning something new and now, we look forward to Kibble’s own Annual Conference in November.


In her role as Project Coordinator, Paige motivates pupils to learn about important topics through interactive activities. Paige leads on the Delivering Equally Safe, a project funded by Scottish Government and managed by Inspiring Scotland with the overall aim to prevent and eradicate of violence against women and girls.

Paige has had the responsibility of teaching young people about safe relationships and as a result of incorporating engaging teaching methods including script-writing and drama, artwork and short stories and interactive boards, young people have shown interest and gained a greater understanding of the values of Delivering Equally Safe.

To further her own knowledge on inspiring pupils, Paige decided to attend Step In. Paige joined others from across Europe who have a similar job role to her. All exchanged their ways of working and shared resources. The sessions helped attendees strengthen leadership skills and learn how best to manage conflict and group dynamics amongst young people. There was time to reflect on what kind of leader you believed yourself to be – a delegator or coach. By gaining insight into your own practice, opportunities to try new ideas can be identified.

Paige shared, “This training course provided me with the chance to explore different methods on facilitating group work. I had the opportunity to describe Delivering Equally Safe and how it is being taught in our school within Scotland, comparing different practices across the world.”

“Throughout the week, we explored conflict management, personal leadership skills, and engagement tools when discussing complex societal issues. I was able to reflect on my experiences at Kibble and share relevant examples to groups about how I have developed as a project coordinator. The trainers and attendees listened to my presentations about what tools I feel are most effective for working with young people; such as creative writing, drama and critical thinking discussions.”

“My knowledge has been enhanced and I have learned about my personal strengths and weaknesses as a facilitator and things to consider when conflict arises amongst young people; such as decision-making and processes of working and learning together. This has boosted my confidence as a project coordinator and allowed me to understand areas for development and future planning for group work at Kibble. Additionally, I have made international connections with professionals who I can continue to link in with to share resources and objectives for educational projects.”

Paige’s enthusiasm when describing the trip demonstrates the valuable knowledge gained. Paige also commented on how Kibble stood out with their trauma-informed ways of working and her pride in presenting our approach to her fellow attendees.

One of Kibble’s greatest staff benefits is their willingness to invest in your continued learning and training. For Paige, she spoke with her line managers before approaching Kibble’s Learning and Development team and sending her submission into the programme for consideration. Her alongside application joined 2,400 others and she was overjoyed to hear she had been successful.

Kibble’s own Learning and Development team are always willing to hear about all employees’ career aspirations and goals.

Posted: May 28, 2024

Child and Youth Care Worker Grant still remembers his experience of joining Kibble and how influential his mentors were to him, which motivated Grant to qualify as a Child and Youth Care Worker and help any new recruits who followed after him.

Grant reflected on when he first joined Career Start: “As a young Trainee, I knew one day I wanted to be as welcoming and helpful to others as my mentors, Kirsten and Aleisha had been to me.”

“Kirsten was my first mentor who was amazing. She showed me exactly what the role of a Child and Youth Care Worker involved and included me in all her day-to-day tasks, giving me great insight but Kirsten decided to go part-time to attend University. I then selected Aleisha to be my mentor as she was such a big part of our team and always first to help others.”

Grateful for his own Career Start experience and keen to help shape the journey of upcoming Child and Youth Care Workers he successfully achieved his goal of becoming a mentor himself: “I became a mentor as I enjoy helping people and having been a Trainee myself, I know how daunting it can all be but also how rewarding it is when you come out the other side. I love nothing more than helping people and seeing others reach goals and succeed.”

Grant gives an insight into the role of a mentor: “Working with young people can be quite busy with a lot going on. Career Start is a mixture of working in the house and completing the HNC qualification, it’s the support network in place that helps you to achieve. You have a lot of support from experienced staff and the Learning and Development team to help you.”

“My two previous Trainee who I mentored said they were grateful for me and that I was really supportive.  My goal is to help new staff to settle in and share my experience with them to make them feel as comfortable as possible. I support Trainees through all the ups and downs they experience along the way of reaching their moment of realisation that this is the job for them. All of a sudden, Trainees recognise the difference they are making and how fulfilled they feel coming to work each day, it’s extremely motivational for me to see this first-hand.”

Becoming a mentor is rewarding and Grant shares what he himself has learned from Trainees: “Personally, since becoming a mentor, my time management is much better as I have to balance carrying out my role as well as spending time with others, setting goals with them and monitoring their progress.”

“I feel I have further developed my own skills too and I now have more responsibilities to help others. Although I am a mentor to Trainees, I am also approachable to all new staff team members as we’re all here for the same reason – to make a difference to the lives of young people. There is great team work at Kibble.”

Meet Grant’s Mentor, Aleisha

An inspiration to Grant, Aleisha shares her point-of-view of being a mentor. Also, a previous Trainee, Aleisha has progressed to qualify as a Child and Youth Care Worker, mentor others and achieve the promotion of Senior Practitioner. She leads by example of what you can achieve through Career Start.

“I was recommended to the mentoring programme by a colleague. I took the time to consider taking on the extra challenge and ultimately, decided I would enjoy passing on my experience and helping others. The responsibility of being a mentor developed my own skills too and as a result, I have since achieved career progression from Trainee to Child and Youth Care Worker to a Senior Practitioner.”

“The role of a mentor is incredibly important as working at Kibble and spending time in the houses is fast-paced. As a mentor, I am prepared to offer one-to-one support to Trainees and be someone they can rely upon. It does involve going over and above to make sure the Trainee is comfortable with their responsibilities.”

“I was also a Trainee myself so I have been through the learning process of completing the training programme. I am someone Trainees can relate to, I’ve been in their shoes.”

“My own mentor was Care and Education Coordinator Craig who was energetic and enthusiastic and taught me the priority is building genuine relationships with the kids and getting to know them. Also, that humour goes a long way.”

“The entire staff team is friendly and willing to help Trainees; however, it is valuable to have one set person who dedicates the time for one-to-one support. With a mentor, there’s always time to ask questions and take away any anxieties about starting the new role.”

Apply now to Career Start in Child and Youth Care. You’l receive full support and mentoring from Kibble’s own Learning and Development team and a mentor similar to Grant as you accomplish beginning a brand-new rewarding career with Kibble.

Posted: May 27, 2024

As a dad of two small children, Ryan wanted a new job that fitted around his family lifestyle, which also had the potential to be a long-term career. Although Ryan enjoyed landscaping, it was labour-intensive and involved working outdoors in harsh winters. At the age of 37, after eight years as a landscaper, Ryan knew now was his time for a career change.

Changing careers at 37 can be an overwhelming thought, however, Ryan heard about Kibble’s Career Start in Child and Youth Care and immediately thought: ‘That’s what I am looking for!’

About Career Start

Career Start prioritises life experience and enthusiasm in its job applications; rather than formal qualifications. Ryan was a parent and volunteered as a football coach – he was confident he had transferable skills to relate to young people and be a positive influence. Ryan decided he was suitable to apply to Career Start and was overjoyed to hear his application was successful.

Now a Trainee Child and Youth Care Worker, Ryan gives us an insight into the most enjoyable part of the experience so far: “I enjoy getting to know young people, finding out their likes and dislikes and creating friendships with them.”

“The training has been helpful too, teaching us about individual thinking and the reasoning behind certain behaviours.”

“Since joining Career Start, I believe I am a better person and better parent.”

What Does Each Working Day Involve?

The working week of a Trainee initially involves six-months of training with Kibble’s own Learning and Development team. Whereas the latter half of the year includes practical experience alongside studying: trainees spend three-days in a children’s residential house with a mentor, one day in the classroom and another independent study day at home. Ryan describes his working week:

“I spend Monday in the classroom working towards an HNC qualification, another day studying at home and also complete three shifts per week.”

“My day can depend on the shift. I prefer backshift and spending time with kids after-school. I encourage young people to find a fun activity to try – some pick to go shopping, go-karting or playing goals outside.”

“The work placement means the training isn’t hypothetical and instead, we’re living what the academic side is trying to tell us. I find it valuable being able to watch, observe and get involved with how experienced Child and Youth Care Workers bond with young people and create such fun, positive memories for those in our care.”

“My mentor, Tracey is a massive inspiration to me and I relate to her as she understands the commitment of studying for a qualification.”

About the Academic Side of Career Start

Through Career Start, Trainees achieve an HNC qualification with full support from Kibble’s own instructors. Although many may be nervous about studying, Ryan reassures potential applicants: “Immediately I was nervous about the thought of studying, however, each trainee receives one-to-one support and there is always a mentor on-hand to text, email and talk to. All the trainees have a Whatsapp group to support one another too.”

“When I first applied I was interested in the practical skills involved as knew this would be my strength, however, the academic part has given me great understanding of the role.”

Who Is Suitable to Apply to Kibble’s Career Start Training Programme?

You may be wondering if you can join Ryan as a Trainee Child and Youth Care Worker and if you have the drive and enthusiasm to start a new career. In Ryan’s opinion the following traits are the best characteristics potential applicants can possess:

“1. You must value consistency and be aware of the commitment involved.”

“2. Be yourself every day as young people are drawn to reliable and trusting adults who are genuine. You can’t teach personality and friendliness so if you’re naturally fun and enjoy spending time with young people, you’ll excel.”

“3. Also, you have to be resilient. Remember, it’s a learning process. There are absolutely brilliant days but each shift, actually, each hour, is different and you’ll keep experiencing new things, which keeps it interesting. My advice would be to start each shift as a brand-new day.”

Ryan began Career Start in Child and Youth Care Worker in July 2023 and is expecting to qualify this summer.


Pupils were set the task of creating 10 short films showcasing the different roles and departments of Police Scotland. The insightful series has become a learning resource for young children to understand the number of specialisms that exist within the police.

The young persons’ direction and point-of-view means the films are likely to capture interest from the intended younger audience. Police Scotland recognise the value young directors bring and proactively try to co-produce with children and young people when creating educational materials for youngsters. It was agreed the 1-minute clips would be a digital series with 10 cards displayed on the interactive board in the classroom for children to click and select which police officer they’d like to watch first.

The young directors from Kibble met with Police Scotland’s Air Support Unit, Wildlife Crime division and more. The pupils’ found each officers’ stories interesting, which motivated them to direct fun videos that would be fascinating to watch. As well as learning about the Police themselves, young people discovered the importance of camera work, good lighting and crisp clear sound and used a boom mic, camera stand and other professional equipment.

Posted: May 7, 2024

Career Start in Child and Youth Care is Kibble’s own training programme that recruits people with life experience to qualify as a Child and Youth Care Worker.

Through Career Start, you have the opportunity to earn while qualifying as a Child and Youth Care Worker. Successful recruits receive full mentoring and support to achieve an HNC qualification and complete a work placement within one of our fun children’s residential houses.

Kibble supports children and young people aged 5-26-years-old therefore is in a unique position to provide valuable and varied on-the-job training to those in-search of a fulfilling career.

“I knew I wanted to work with children and Career Start gave me the opportunity to change careers from retail and retrain.”

Julie Ann

We welcome graduates, young adults, those with life experience and people who want to change careers and begin a role with longevity. Our in-house Learning and Development team continue to help individuals expand their skills, knowledge and experience even once qualified.

“I progressed from being a Trainee to qualifying as a Child and Youth Care Worker before achieving a promotion to Senior Practitioner.”


Next Steps

Discover what is involved in the Career Start Training Programme and apply before Monday 3rd June 2024.


Kibble’s Skills Academy held their annual Industry Day and welcomed over 56 pupils including young people from other local schools. The fun careers fair was an opportunity for school leavers to start conversations with potential employers, which motivated them to think about their future plans.

The careers fair showcased over 15 employers who shared information about the various job roles available as well as the qualifications and life experience they look for in application forms. An exclusive insight was given to young people who are facing the important milestone of leaving school and beginning to think about entering the world of work. This process can understandably be overwhelming, however, the busy yet relaxed atmosphere of Industry Day helped young people get excited about the possibilities available to them.

Young people were introduced to The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), Police Scotland, Scottish Leather Group, National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), CREATE Paisley, Howden and more. Each stand was surrounded by young learners keen to know more about what career opportunities were suitable to them and their own interests and talents.

The fire and rescue service had young people trying on the uniform who marvelled at how heavy the outfit was. Others were fascinated by NMIS’s robots. Whereas one young person who currently attends The Skills Academy to gain qualifications in Painting and Decorating and helped redecorate St Mirren Football Club spent the time talking to Howden.

Young people of Kibble are extremely talented from playing music to acting and more. They thoroughly enjoy creative arts projects therefore CREATE Paisley was a popular stand with friendly Youth Development Managers Sam and Nicola encouraging young people to attend their weekly creative workshops.

Posted: April 30, 2024

Discover Chloe’s career journey from applying to work at Kibble through to joining Kibble’s Further Study Programme and gaining her Business and Administration SVQ Level 3.

Upon leaving school, Chloe was unsure at what her next step would be. However, she knew she enjoyed being busy, completing tasks diligently while also meeting new people and helping others. Chloe applied to become an Administrator at Kibble, knowing the days would be quick due to the size of the charity and the fact it would be fulfilling to play a role in ensuring young people were well-cared for.

Since joining Kibble’s hard-working Administrative team in 2022, Chloe has become a valuable team player, carrying out all responsibilities involved in running a round-the-clock business. Her friendly and approachable nature is recognised by colleagues, visitors and young people. All are happy to work alongside Chloe.

As Chloe approached her second year of working at Kibble, she began to plan for the future and decided she’d like to progress her career but still remain in her job – Chloe was happy at Kibble but was determined to establish a longer-term career hopefully within the organisation. Luckily, Kibble prioritises learning and development for all staff and Chloe was the ideal candidate.

Kibble’s Further Study Programme welcomes applications from all employees hoping to complete new qualifications in fields of study relating to their job at Kibble. The continued learning helps the entire workforce carryout their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

Through Further Study, Chloe received funding to complete a recognised qualification in Business and Administration.

“It is not often there is an opportunity to study and earn at the same time and I am very grateful for the opportunity to gain a qualification while remaining in a job I enjoy. I would recommend Kibble’s Further Study programme to my colleagues.”

“Although it was a time commitment to work and study at the same time, I received great support from the team I work with here at Kibble. I studied a little bit each day and before I knew it, the 9 months were complete and I had qualified!”

Kibble’s Further Study Programme is now open for applications from ambitious employees, like-minded to Chloe and who are ready for the chance to grow alongside the ever-evolving charity.

Join us in our aim to help as many young people as possible.

Posted: April 29, 2024

Kibble’s Skills Academy held an Open Day. Visitors were introduced to the staff team, completed a tour of the bespoke workshop areas and got involved in an interactive panel session with young people.

The Open Day welcomed local businesses, colleges and universities, Social Enterprise Academy and The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework to experience The Skills Academy for themselves. All were impressed by the vast size of the academy and the breadth of the courses and workshops held for young people. The ambitious masterplan to revolutionise The Skills Academy into Scotland’s leading education and training centre was shared and those in the audience were encouraged to “Be Part of the Future”.

Organisations were made aware of the opportunities to join in and help young learners gain the confidence and skills required to believe in themselves and start work. Already, businesses including St Mirren and Ryder Architecture are working alongside the academy to offer apprenticeship-inspired roles and work experience placements for young people to learn within a real-life thriving business.

A highlight of the event was the interactive panel session with young people. The best people to describe The Skills Academy are those who attend the centre. Three young people shared their own personal involvement with the academy.

One young person is developing skills in catering and helped prepare the buffet lunch for the Open Day. Their expertise is also a valuable part of the team who organise the catering for St Mirren’s match day hospitality. However, their overall life goal is to become a pilot and the academy’s support with these aspirations has led to a workshop with Leading Edge Training Centre near Glasgow Airport.

Another young person who’s sense of humour made everyone laugh is determined to be an interior designer. Currently, completing qualifications in Painting and Decorating, the aspiring-designer has helped redecorate areas in St Mirren’s SMISA stadium.

The candid and straight-forward young person shared their honest belief at the impact the academy has had on them:

“If it wasn’t for The Skills Academy, I wouldn’t have got any qualifications.”

The powerful comment emphasises the importance of The Skills Academy and the demand to create a supportive educational environment that can tailor learning styles to those who want to build a rewarding career based on fields of study that genuinely interest them.

The third young person confidently spoke to the room as if talking amongst friends. Although open-minded about the future, The Skills Academy has given a true understanding of the various options available. Currently studying mechanics and helping Instructor Ross manage the large fleet of Kibble vehicles, the overall plan is to go into engineering. Through the academy’s business partnerships, a work placement with Ryder Architecture is planned for the summer.

An audience member asked, ‘what has been the greatest experience at The Skills Academy?’ and the mechanic-apprentice replied:

“It’s not just one great opportunity The Skills Academy has given us, instead it’s lots of different opportunities. We’ve had the chance to discover different industries, which has let us see what we prefer and enjoy.”

The three young people on the panel exemplified what The Skills Academy stands for. Each one displays confidence and enthusiastically discusses their future plans. The motivation showed by young people at The Skills Academy Open Day assured everyone in the room that the young generation has the potential to positively change the world.  

The entire staff team including Kibble CEO, Jim; Director of Corporate Services, Mark; Head Teacher, Leona; Head of The Skills Academy, Lisa; Education Manager, Tracey and Employability Coordinator, Gillian were extremely proud of the young people for participating in the panel.