Family Support and Intervention

We understand the importance of a young person’s family life and we want to help make it the best it can be. We view each family as unique and work to build on their strengths and support them in times of difficulty. The Family Support and Intervention Service offer services from advice, parenting group work to intensive family intervention and is available to all parents/carers of young people who attend Kibble. We aim to offer a flexible service and have been very successful at supporting families who have traditionally found it difficult to engage with services.

There are five different elements to the family work that we offer:

  • All families are offered a general level of support, advice and guidance as soon as they have a young person placed within any of our services and additional support is always on offer during any crisis periods.
  • Support and specific advice can be offered to parents and carers managing common development issues and minor behavioural problems. We also have a parent support group run by the parents themselves.
  • A group work programme - Handling Teenage Behaviour (adapted for Looked After Children) that is delivered in a supportive environment over 12 sessions which gives parent/carers an opportunity to share their experiences and challenges with other families.
  • A systemic one to one intervention specifically for caregivers who are managing severe behavioural problems.
  • A systemic intervention that works with all of the family including the young person. Outreach support can be offered to support young people in making a transition back home or to their community.

What did the parents say…

I feel that I have learned to keep him safe and he listens to what I say now.


I started by going to the family group. At first I had no confidence, but the other parents and workers made me feel so welcome and made me realise it just wasn't me who had difficulties with my son.


The group has made me stronger and more confident as a parent. I can say no now! and stick to it.  I can make decisions about things that are best for my son, even if he doesn't always agree!


What did other key stakeholders say…

I am delighted with the progress made through the parenting group. Six months ago I seriously assessed that it was not viable for (the young person) to return to her mother’s care. Now she is spending weekends at home and they are managing to resolve problems and conflicts. Even more importantly this has shown (the young person) that her mother loves her and there is a definite improvement in her relationships with adults, and real hope that she will be able to form significant relationships in her adult life. This is particularly heartening as previously mum had a history of non engagement with professionals

Social Worker

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