Head of Service Sinclair Soutar
Sinclair Soutar

Head of Service

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Kibble’s Secure Care provides a safe environment for young people (aged 12-18) at risk of self-harm or harming others.

We aim to instill in our young people a sense of possibility and to show them their life can be very different from the life that led them to the Safe Centre. We look for ways to provide young people with a sense of purpose and positivity, and to raise their aspirations.

Young people at a point of crisis are referred to our Safe Centre, either via a referral from the Children’s Panel or a court order. They stay in one of three units, housing a maximum of six young people per unit. We want to create a homely environment which is secure, safe, nurturing and develops young people’s strengths.

Dedicated Support

On admission to the Safe Centre, all young people undertake a First Level Psychological Assessment. This helps to identify immediate needs and assist the young person in coping with the transition to secure care. This is carried out by the Specialist Intervention Services (SIS) team, which has some of the most experienced and qualified practitioners in the Scottish sector. The assessment shapes the care plan for the young person.

Every young person has a dedicated key worker, co-key worker and key tutors who work closely with the young person and all stakeholders to set and review personalised targets.

Behaviour Support

Each young person has a Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) containing detailed information about what works for them to keep them safe. This is a working document that is regularly updated and reviewed. There is also a positive behavioural points system in place across the Safe Centre which is incentive based.

Dealing With Complex Needs

In line with the Scottish Government’s strategy: ’Mental Health in Scotland – a 10 year vision’, we adopt an ʻAll of Me’ focus to ensure parity between mental and physical health. Staff are trained to support young people with complex needs, including those who self-harm. Young people have 24hr access to highly trained staff at points of crisis.

A Trauma-Informed Approach

Our research shows that many of the young people in the Safe Centre have survived a number of significantly traumatic events in their lives. As such, our practice is becoming ever more trauma-informed, and we have recently introduced the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT).

A Care Plan Combining Education

We provide opportunities in a variety of academic and vocational contexts to help young people reach their potential. As well as the standard SQA courses, we offer a range of wider achievement opportunities such as undertaking Young Enterprise Scotland projects, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness and more. The Safe Centre curriculum places additional emphasis on health and well-being subjects, and uptake of these subjects is high.

Progression Routes

An integrated approach to service delivery means all young people can benefit from a supported transition when they are ready to continue with the next stage of their life after the Safe Centre. This could be progression to Kibble’s residential or community services, and/or access to Kibble’s young workforce development programmes.