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Posted: May 16, 2023

At 51 years of age, Julie Ann decided she wanted to work with children. Career Start gave her the opportunity to change from working in retail to beginning a career in child and youth care.

Mum, Julie Ann dedicated quality time to her own children, being there for them every step of the way as they grew up. As they became older, Julie Ann decided to transfer her skills and train for a career as a Child and Youth Care Worker with Kibble.

“The chance presented itself at the right time as my own kids were older and I had the time to dedicate to training in a whole new field.

“Career Start gave me the opportunity to change careers and pursue my dream of working with children, while still earning a full-time salary.”

Julie Ann shared that the best thing about being a trainee is when kids show their happy spending time with you. She enjoys joining in with them drawing, skateboarding, and playing sports. One young person who Julie Ann spends time with has a natural talent for art, together they drew with chalk and Julie Ann was amazed at the masterpiece created by someone so young. Julie Ann is determined to encourage young people and help them believe in themselves.

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