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Welcome to Forest View

Forest View Residential Houses provide nurturing, residential care for children aged between five and twelve. Our two individual houses, Ness and Tay, provide beautiful four and five-bedroom accommodation for children with experience of trauma. Set in Lochwinnoch, a semi-rural village in the west of Scotland, Forest View is surrounded by trees, rugged landscapes and stunning wildlife.

Forest View is an enchanting place, carved from years of research into best practice in residential care for children. The nature-inspired interiors, play areas, sensory gardens and adjacent therapeutic primary school have been developed around therapeutic, trauma-informed practice. Children are safe here, they are surrounded by warm, friendly adults who are a constant source of love and support. Our ethos is to have lots of fun, to laugh, dance and play.

Step Inside

Inside Forest View House the interior is organic is style, drawing in nature to help children feel grounded. The glass entrance has been designed to let the outdoor nature scene flow through within the house. Across all the rooms there are splashes of joyful colour, children’s paintings on display, toys, reading books, arts and crafts, and games.

All rooms from the cosy living room with it’s comforting throws, toy boxes and photos that adorn the walls, to the kitchen and dining room, are warm, welcoming and modern. Children are encouraged to bring their own style and character to their bedrooms in order to create a safe, comforting haven to relax. The house also has a sensory room which helps children to regulate at times when they may need. This has an array of tactile, sensory equipment including weighted blankets to help children feel safe, vibrating comfort cushions and even an interactive wall made of colourful Lego.

Explore Outside

The acres of forest provide the perfect backdrop to explore, and to complement this natural playground we also have a large sustainable timber play park. To promote risky play and help children develop problem solving skills while connecting to the natural environment, the play apparatus is dynamic and challenging, with inspiration derived from the philosophy of Friedrich Froebal.

Hens in the grounds provide fresh eggs and we welcome much loved four-legged pets including miniature ponies, small dogs and a tortoise. The animals not only offer therapeutic support but bring a great deal of joy.

Forest View Primary School

Within the grounds, Forest View Primary School is just a hop, skip and jump away and provides an inspiring education for up to 30 children who need a helping hand to engage with learning. The school provides a safe, nurturing and supportive education where children attend as day pupils or may live at Forest View House or one of Kibble’s other nearby residential care houses.

Young People We Support

Forest View House provides residential care for children who may have experienced earlier trauma in their lives. In our care, the children will receive constant holistic support to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Therapeutic, Trauma-Informed Practice

At Forest View House, a therapeutic, trauma-informed model of care, is provided. Therapeutic supports, positive relationships, ethos and culture are all based on the model to help children settle in their home and feel safe, loved and supported.

Kibble’s Specialist Intervention Services are highly experienced in providing therapeutic, trauma-informed psychological consultation, assessment and therapeutic interventions for children with complex and challenging needs. A multi-disciplinary team consisting of a psychologist, Child and Adolescent Therapist and the wider care team meet regularly to discuss each individual child’s support plan and progress to ensure each child receives the best support possible.

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