Neil McMillan

Head of Service

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Kibble’s Housing Support Services commenced in June 2015. The services help young people (aged 16-25) move on from Kibble’s main campus or community housing into tenancies where they will be supported to develop the skills required to maintain independent living. Having a safe and secure place to live is something that most of us take for granted. For care leavers – some of the most vulnerable young people in our society – this can often seem unattainable, and could be their first adult struggle following a disrupted childhood.

What do we offer?

A Robust Support Network

Each young person’s move towards independent living is carefully planned. Once they make the transition they will have access to personal care (care at home) if required, and can continue to make use of Kibble’s other services e.g. Specialist Intervention Services, young workforce development, and education etc.

Our young people have access to our qualified team 24/7 as and when it is needed.

A Bespoke Service

Each young person’s needs are assessed on an ongoing basis enabling us to tailor services to meet their requirements and respond to need quickly and effectively.

Examples of outcomes

  • In the last year we have continued to develop our connections with local organisations and build positive working relationships within the community.
  • Young people have benefitted in different ways, such as help with employment matters, assistance to sustain their tenancy, and emotional support.
  • One young person has transitioned from the service and continues to sustain his tenancy as well as securing employment, obtaining his driving licence,
    and purchasing his own car.
  • We encourage young people to get involved in charity work within the community and one young person has been particularly active, volunteering
    with organisations such as Rangers Charity Foundation and offering his support at the British Pipe Band Championships.
  • In 2016 we introduced Better Futures, which is an assessment tool to chart the young person’s individual progress, identify goals and record the impact of Housing Support Services.

What’s next?

During 2017 we will look at developing the service through taking external referrals.