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Head of Service: Eileen Cummings



Kibble’s Education Services offer tailored primary and secondary education to children and young people who struggle to stay engaged with learning.

Our pupils can be:

These young people are with us because mainstream schools haven’t met their needs. Many have experienced bullying, truancy, conflict with teachers and other pupils or have had consistently poor results. Given that they may already be disillusioned with education, we work hard to reverse this and provide them with an inspiring alternative.

Pupils’ Experience

Kibble classrooms are well resourced and we have a maximum of five pupils in our classes. This means pupils benefit from a rich learning environment and a lot of one-to-one attention from their teachers. The flexibility of the syllabus means that we can devote equal time to practical activities, vocational qualifications and academic qualifications. Pupils get the curriculum that allows them to leave school with the best range of experiences to equip them for their next stage. Our primary school, Lapwing Primary, offers a particular focus on outdoor learning as it provides one of the best ways of engaging with difficult to reach young people.

Additional Support

Kibble also offers a range of services that provide additional opportunities to nurture each child and create a positive learning experience for them:

  • Peer Mentoring
    Mentor relationships are a great way of nurturing young people – both the mentor and the mentee – so we encourage young people to get involved. Mentors help younger pupils with their work, participating in activities and building up positive relationships.
  • Specialist Intervention Services
    Our Specialist Intervention Services (SIS) provide psychological care and support to children, young people and their families.
  • Parenting Group
    Our Parenting Groups offer parents the chance to get together, share their experiences and receive support, advice and guidance from Kibble staff.
  • Nurture Centre and Snoezelen Room
    These facilities allow us to offer pupils safe and nurturing spaces where we can further support their individual needs. The Nurture Centre is a place where pupils can get extra time, attention and individual care devoted to them. The Snoezelen Room is a multi sensory space that allows young people to take time out in a stimulating and peaceful environment.
  • Employment and Training
    For many pupils, vocational training is an important part for them preparing for a successful future. Kibble offers placements in KibbleWorks, our collection of small social enterprises where they can gain experience of trades such as mechanics and catering. We also have good links with the local business community and will always seek out an opportunity for a young person who expresses an interest in a particular career.

The School Community

People everywhere enjoy and benefit from being part of a community and we aim to offer the same opportunity to our pupils. Teachers, carers, support staff, pupils and their families make up our campus community and we hope that everyone is enriched by their involvement in it. Activities on campus regularly include:

  • Charity fundraising: the pupils often take a lead on raising funds and awareness of charities that are close to their hearts
  • Concerts and theatre performances: everyone enjoys the chance to get together to celebrate the talent and creativity of pupils and staff
  • School trips: these can be day trips to local attractions or trips abroad where pupils sample another culture and learn about its history
  • Family fun days: pupils’ families are welcomed to the campus and join us for a day of games and fun
  • The annual Christmas Pantomime: a real highlight of the calendar, a lot of effort and enthusiasm goes into making sure this goes with a bang!
  • Community concerts: our choir visits local care homes for older people, treating them to an afternoon of music and song.

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Specialist Intervention Services

All young people who are placed in Kibble are supported by our Specialist Intervention Services. The team has over 10 years experience of providing evidence based psychological consultation, assessment and interventions for young people with complex and challenging needs. Read more about our Specialist Intervention Services

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