Day and Community

Head of Service: Jim Carle

Day and Community Services

Kibble’s Day Services are an alternative way for young people, based in their local communities, to access our Education Services. Our kids travel to school from all across the central belt. The majority of Kibble day pupils arrive with a history of failed educational placements and disrupted learning. Some have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, some have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and some have already established a pattern of offending behaviour.

Although day pupils don’t live on campus, they do benefit from being enrolled in one of three day units. Each child or young person has his or her own key worker who works closely with teaching staff to help overcome obstacles to learning. The solutions are different for each pupil and are often very practical, including measures such as parenting support, daily phone calls, mentoring and home visits. A huge emphasis is put on attendance and, as a result, many of our day pupils achieve attendance rates of 100%. There is an equally large emphasis placed on avoiding exclusions, which is achieved by strategies like one to one education in the unit or at our off campus resource. If required, staff will visit the child’s home and resolve the issue with family input and return the child to education the same day if possible. We understand that many of our pupils have been exposed to multiple trauma experiences. With this in mind, our day units are designed to be spaces where young people can relax and have some fun. We also have a snoezlen room which can be used as a calm space during times of crisis.

Recognising that the school holiday period is a crisis point for many families, a holiday programme is in place that offers a full range of activities including residential trips all across the U.K. Our aim is to ensure that each child has at least one overnight trip throughout the summer holiday period. Individually tailored trips in the programme allow the young people to choose new experiences and activities. These activities are designed to have a high impact in terms of health and wellbeing, relationships and teamwork. The fundamental ‘soft skills’ are emphasised with many opportunities for pro-social modelling in a fun environment.

We recognise that transitions in a child’s life can be fairly traumatic and overwhelming. We support these transitions, whether it is from residential/secure placements to Day Services or the move from school to employment/training. Whatever the situation, we pride ourselves on ensuring that robust planning and support is in place to maximise the possibility of the transition running as smoothly as it possibly can.

 Additional Support

Day Services also offers:

Intensive Day Services which can act as an alternative to Residential Care. This provides the young person with extra support outside normal hours. It is made up of:

  • Evening/weekend work which can be based around an activity or hobby or can simply be extended time with the pupil’s key worker.
  • Family work in which the key worker spends time rebuilding relationships, particularly when there’s a risk of the young person being removed from the family home.
  • Wrap around on-call service for young people and their carers/families.

Specialist Intervention Services

All young people who are placed in Kibble are supported by our Specialist Intervention Services. The team has over 10 years experience of providing evidence based psychological consultation, assessment and interventions for young people with complex and challenging needs. Read more about our Specialist Intervention Services