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Head of Service: Neil Govan

secure close support

Kibble’s Secure Services provide a safe and secure environment to young people (12-18) at risk of harming themselves or others.

Young people at a point of crisis are referred to our Safe Centre, either via a referral from the Children’s Panel or a court order and stay in one of our three units that house a maximum of six young people.

Our Approach

We aim to instill in our young people a sense of possibility and to show them their life can be very different from the life that led them to the Safe Centre. We look for ways to provide young people with a sense of purpose and positivity and to raise their aspirations.

Kibble’s secure services are integrated with all of Kibble's other services, which means young people benefit from:

Safe Centre Education

As with the rest of our Education and Youth Training Services at Kibble, in the Safe Centre, we recognise that the key to a happy learner is often variety and flexibility. By providing opportunities in a variety of academic and vocational contexts, Kibble helps young people reach their potential.

As well as the standard SQA academic exams, we also offer opportunities such as undertaking a Young Enterprise Scotland project, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness and frequent one-off opportunities such as presenting the Anne Frank Exhibition.

Safe Centre Video

Specialist Intervention Services

All young people who are placed in Kibble are supported by our Specialist Intervention Services. The team has over 10 years experience of providing evidence based psychological consultation, assessment and interventions for young people with complex and challenging needs. Read more about our Specialist Intervention Services

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