Residential and Throughcare

Head of Service: Jim Carle

residential throughcare

Kibble’s Residential Services are for looked after young people (12-18) who have been referred to us by local authorities from across Scotland.

The young people have a complex range of needs and have often experienced trauma or neglect. Because we understand that the needs of each child are different, we take a tailored approach, personalising our care in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for disadvantaged young people.  We recognise that young people need good basic care but that this is not enough and we also have to strive to make a difference in their lives.  Kibble has developed its own Outcomes Measurement tool based on the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators and the Curriculum for Excellence to track the progress of the young people.  We are hoping that this will give us sufficient evidence to develop generic services for young people who make sufficient progress to warrant less intensive support.

Home and Community Life

We provide a safe, nurturing and comfortable home that incorporates the best aspects of home and community life. Young people live in an environment in which their rights and privacies are respected. The daily routine of school and unit life provides stability with plenty of room for enjoyment and relaxation. Evening activities may be focussed on specific interventions, but can also be unstructured leisure time in which young people can meet friends, take their bikes out or stay in and watch TV or it can be a planned event such as a trip to the cinema or the opportunity to practice a hobby such as art or a team sport.

We want young people to enjoy the benefits of being part of a community with relationships built across generations and events often taking place in partnership with the local community, including sing along concerts at local elderly care homes and lots of charity fundraising events for charities from the Dogs Trust to Cancer Research.

Education and Youth Training

Close links exist between the Kibble school and each of the units. Care staff play an active role in supporting the young people with any school events planned for outside school hours such as talent shows, school music festivals or theatre performances. Those young people who have left school attend either Kibble’s employment and youth training services or have been accepted into college or university

Health and Wellbeing

Young people at Kibble are encouraged to make healthy life choices. The health and wellbeing of each young person is a priority and we are uniquely well placed to support this with our Looked After Children Nurse. As well as being a central part of the school curriculum, health and wellbeing guidance is also available from unit staff and signposting to other agencies is always prominent in case the young person would rather deal with issues confidentially.

Supported Transitions

Leaving care and embarking on independent life can be a daunting challenge and can be something that happens all too abruptly. Care leavers don’t usually get the same support as a young person leaving their family and a struggle with independent living can leave young people isolated. That’s why we offer support through our Community Services. Through this service, we can offer young people supported tenancies, employment support and continued links with care staff.

Our Units

  • Clyde
    Clyde is a direct alternative or step down from secure care - young people here often have a long history of challenging behaviour and placement breakdown
  • Mossway
    Mossway works with severely traumatised young people who exhibit a range of harmful and inappropriate behaviour
  • North
    North looks after a wide range of young people who exhibit extremely challenging behaviour and who have a common need for stability in their lives
  • Skye
    Skye is an intensive support unit that looks after young people who have had traumatic events in their lives which has had an impact on their social and emotional development
  • South
    South, like North, looks after a wide range of young people who exhibit extremely challenging behaviour and who have a common need for stability in their lives.
  • Staffa
    Staffa provides support to a traumatised group of young people who may present high risk behaviour that requires ongoing support and intervention
  • Uist
    Uist specialises in working with young people who have a history of disruption and trauma such as family breakdown, separation and loss
  • Wallace
    Wallace is another intensive support unit but is only 4 bedded and specialises in working with young people who need extra support
  • Levernbridge
    Levernbridge is a 2 bedded intensively supported family home in the local community, which meets the needs of young people who have difficulty coping with larger groups
  • Buchanan
    A small unit with up to 4 beds which can offer specialised intensive support to young people who struggle with group living

Our Throughcare Services

Kibble’s Throughcare Services are designed to support young people leaving Kibble to return to the community.  We have three houses locally situated in the same terraced block where the young people are offered support by a well-trained, experienced staff team.  They are helped to prepare and adjust to life beyond school and residential campus living before being offered support to move on into their own tenancy or independent living.

Leaving Care

For young people leaving care, the move to adulthood and independence can be both daunting and isolating. The sudden removal of support structures and networks often leave a young adult in a vulnerable position and as a result, young care leavers are more likely than their peers to end up homeless, unemployed or struggling with substance abuse. Kibble’s Throughcare Services aim to reverse this journey by offering throughcare and aftercare which supports young people in finding and keeping a home and job and integrating into adult society, gradually decreasing the level of support as the young person adjusts.

Community Houses

We have good links with a number of Housing Associations and through this partnership have several flats in the Paisley area which we offer to young people on a supported tenancy basis. While living there, young people lead an independent life while:

Specialist Intervention Services

All young people who are placed in Kibble are supported by our Specialist Intervention Services. The team has over 10 years experience of providing evidence based psychological consultation, assessment and interventions for young people with complex and challenging needs. Read more about our Specialist Intervention Services

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