Our Services

Kibble's services are designed to provide effective outcome-focused solutions to local authorities and other referring agencies.  Young people receive a personalised care package underpinned by our values of safety, structure, stability and success.  Kibble constantly works to improve our services and we have invested heavily in the quality of our campus and ensuring we have the best qualified, most committed staff.

All our services function as preventative alternatives to secure accommodation. However, when a secure placement is required this can be provided in one of our three secure services, located within the Safe Centre. A supportive, rehabilitative exit from the Safe Centre can be designed using any of our other services, including foster placements.

Kibble's Outcome Framework

Measuring the impact of our services is essential, and "Kibble's Outcome Framework" ensures we map a young person's journey in alignment with GIRFEC SHANARRI wellbeing indicators and the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence.  All our programmes and interventions are supported by research to identify best practice models and are complemented by links to national and international universities and research centres. Our own research demonstrated that young people’s life chances are significantly improved by tailored throughcare and aftercare. Consequently, we continue to develop these areas and offer step-down residential care, personalised community support and vocational training linked to transitional employment opportunities on our KibbleWorks campus.