Uist specialises in supporting young people with a history of disruption and trauma such as family breakdown, separation and loss.


Wallace is a small intensive support unit with just 4 beds. It supports young people who require additional support.


Levernbridge is a 2-bedded intensively supported family home in the local community. This residential home supports young people who have difficulty coping with larger groups.


A small unit with up to 4 beds which can offer specialised intensive support to young people who struggle with group living.


Clyde is a direct alternative or step down from secure care. Young people often have a long history of challenging behaviour and multiple placement break-down.


Mossway supports severely traumatised young people who exhibit a range of potentially harmful and inappropriate behaviours.


North supports young people who exhibit extremely challenging behaviour, and have a common need for stability in their lives.


Skye is an intensive support unit that supports young people affected by traumatic events which has had an impact on their social and emotional development.


South, similar to North, supports a range of young people who exhibit extremely challenging behaviour and have a common need for stability in their lives.


Staffa provides support to a traumatised group of young people who may present high risk behaviour that requires ongoing support and intervention.