Kibble Group is a charity that provides care and education to young people from across Scotland. We have proposals for the site of Parkhill House and Garpel House, Corsefield Road, Lochwinnoch, to set up a specialist education centre and residential accommodation.

The rural setting will be for primary aged children who have been affected by adversity in their early years. Kibble’s skilled team would be supporting their needs in a safe and comfortable environment to transform their lives.

The existing buildings would be converted into a specialist education centre with residential accommodation and will prepare the children for moving into future care settings, including foster care. The campus will deliver a broad range of pioneering care techniques focussing on outdoor play and developing young people via a therapeutic approach to education.

Children attending the primary school would include pupils who live onsite and those who are there during the day for teaching. Pupils who are travelling may live in the nearby area.

As a charity we’ve worked with young people for over 160 years and we have a wide range of experience in developing similar community-based projects. Currently we provide care and education in Largs, Paisley and Garnock Valley. We are keen to engage with local residents and businesses throughout this process and welcome your thoughts. Please contact us at

Download: Grapel House & Parkhill House FAQs