This is the second part of my interview with James Dunbar from New Start Highland and Bill Morris from Blue Star Recyclers. Whilst it’s not essential that you listen to part one in order to follow this episode, we do begin with a thought which ended the last episode, so it would certainly be beneficial if you did listen to the first part.

During this episode we speak a little bit about the reasons behind running a social enterprise, and how the concept of stepping on top of other people in order to make money is not only wrong, but somehow deeply counterintuitive to our nature as humans. James firmly believes that all humans want to do good things, and I quite agree with that.

Bill also expands a little on how difficult it can sometimes be to convince his fellow countrymen that social enterprise is beneficial. He also states that it is much easier to convince a millennial audience about it, than it is to convince any other.

Of course, there is no ideal age to start a social enterprise, nor does age throw up any barriers around how accepting people can be of it, but it is an interesting observation on Bill’s part and one that I hope to explore further in future interviews.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

As we head towards episode number 50 we are planning some changes to the podcast. Soon you will be able to find all of the podcasts on YouTube, which will make the podcasts much more easily accessible and easier to share, along with another surprise.


New Start Highland website
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