Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of different situation. In this episode, we speak to three women about their workplace friendship, and how their bond helps, and sometimes hinders, their working practices, whilst also extolling the virtues of how important these friendships can be.

The bonds we create as we weave our way through life can make any number of potentially awkward or horrible situations bearable. In fact, they can make almost any situation fun, including work.

When you get down to it, we spend more time at work than we do just about anywhere else in the world. It’s just the nature of modern living. However, even if you’re unlucky to be burdened with a job you think is terrible, banter and good conversation can really elevate the time you spend in the workplace.

Now of course, not everyone is lucky enough to share a workplace with people who they have a genuine connection with, but most of us are able to have a conversation with our colleagues about things outside of the office.

On this episode I chat to three women from Kibble’s office, as they regale us with fun stories about their friendship. Yes, it’s true that many people can’t and won’t grow close to their workmates, but having someone you can trust and confide in whilst at work can really help solidify a strong team, create a positive, productive working dynamic, and above all give you the drive you need to work better.

Sara also came into the interview with a fairly novel idea, and one which we might later employ off the back of this episode, coming into the room with a furry hat filled with questions written on orange paper. The silliness of this definitely helps give this conversation an irreverent, fun tone.

Be advised, there is some background here because we recorded it on our office. I hope you enjoy it.