What does it mean to grow up with someone? Usually, it’s something we say when we talk about the people who were our friends in our formative years, the childhood and teenage friends that helped shape our upbringing. Adam and Craig might be from different backgrounds, but their friendship has taught them a lot about growing up and what it is to become an adult.

But does the process of growing up, and growing up with someone, ever end?

That’s what we’re exploring on this week’s episode. Asking, what’s the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life, and how such lessons are not only integral to how we grow and mature, but also help us understand what adulthood actually is.

Much like our last episode, we had a couple of people come into our Bletherbooth who are connected through music, yet unlike our last episode, the path that they’ve taken together is wildly different.

Craig, and Adam, joined us on a cool autumnal evening, and just like everyone else, they started off talking about how they got to know each other. But as things progressed, something much more profound began to transpire – what does it means to grow up, to become an adult in your mid to late 20s, and how they’ve helped each other learn some valuable lessons along the way.

Big thanks to Adam and Craig for lending us their time, and thanks to you for tuning in.

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