The Kibble Podcast Network is a series of different podcasts which will centre on issues surrounding social enterprise and child and youth care. We feel that podcasting is an important and powerful medium for sharing stories, knowledge and experiences between those individuals who work within the groups, businesses and agencies that are active in the sectors in which Kibble operate.

The goal of KPN is not to advertise Kibble’s own experiences and successes, but to offer a platform where others in social enterprise, child care and related fields can discuss their own particular unique qualities, challenges and issues, whilst delving deeper into the achievements and problems we all face.

We aim to cast the net as far as possible, engaging in conversation with a number of national and international organisations, at once highlighting the common ground between each other and the differences which separate us.

The explosion in mobile technology has seen a rise in the popularity of podcasting, and the intimate experience it offers combined with the on-demand nature of the content is something we feel should be explored. The highly discursive nature of such “new media” platforms will, we hope, offer rich and varied debate on a number of topics within the third sector/social enterprise/youth and child care arena.

Our first podcast is called Social Enterprise Conversations where we will hold panel discussions with members of social enterprises, cover different SE events both nationally and internationally, and collect stories from those within the social enterprise sector. We have a real passion for social enterprise, and we know that many others do too. It is time to share that passion, engage each other in debate and seek the common ground on which we all stand. It will launch in August 2015 and will be available on iTunes, Stitcher and directly from this website.

In early 2016 we will launch a second podcast focusing on child and youth care in the UK. We want to bring attention to the demands and issues that face child and youth care practitioners on a daily basis, highlighting areas of strength and weakness in the sector, and prompting discussion on how to improve current practices. It is important to us that we share our stories and experiences in the child and youth care sector, and to orchestrate conversation on the issues, and success stories, within the industry. We will provide more information on this podcast in due course.

Get Involved

We need you. If you have passion, a story, an experience or an opinion that you feel should be shared then please get in touch. We are looking for contributors to both of our podcasts and we would like to hear from you.

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