Author: Mark Fraser

Episode 3 – A Hatful of Questions

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of different situation. In this episode, we speak to three women about their workplace friendship, and how their bond helps, and sometimes hinders, their working practices, whilst also extolling the virtues of how important these friendships can be.


Episode 2 – More Tomorrows than Yesterdays

What does it mean to grow up with someone? Usually, it’s something we say when we talk about the people who were our friends in our formative years, the childhood and teenage friends that helped shape our upbringing. Adam and Craig might be from different backgrounds, but their friendship has taught them a lot about growing up and what it is to become an adult.


Episode 1 – Old Haunts and Halcyon Days

Everyone likes a good story. From those family members with the seemingly innate skill of injecting life into a party through a well told anecdote, to the easy Scots charm of Iain Banks’ fiction. Whether it’s the Big Yin’s fanciful yet all too real tales of comedy found in the mundane, or the easily accessible […]


Good Stories Episode 1 – Old Haunts and Halcyon Days

Here is an exclusive preview of good stories, the latest KPN podcast. Launching on Monday 23rd of October, we share the stories of real people in Glasgow and the West of Scotland, harking back to the oral storytelling traditions of old and recording these every day tales from every day people.

All of our good stories podcasts take place in the Bletherbooth at our new store good based in Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries. For more information go to


SEC70: Ana Soldatenko from Transform Creative

Transform Creative is an organisation that helps other third sector design organisations with their design and communications. In this interview we speak to Head of Design Ana Soldatenko as she talks us through the history of the business, from the kernel of an idea suggested by their parent company, Transform Scotland, right through to the present day.


SEC69: A Social Enterprise Roundtable Discussion with Matt and Peter from ACRE/the Social Enterprise Academy Australia, Neil from the Social Enterprise Academy and Graham and Lesley from Kibble

Matt and Peter from the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship joined Neil from the Social Enterprise Academy, Graham and Lesley from Kibble, and myself to have a chat about social enterprise, the differences between the Scottish and Australian approaches to it, and much more.


SEC68: Scott Duncan from LEAP (Part 2)

It’s always a delight, and a surprise, when an interview goes on for longer than expected. As you may have noticed, I generally like to keep interviews to between 20 and 30 minutes, but sometimes the guest just has a bit more to say. In the instance, I was happy to keep talking to Scott. […]


SEC67: Scott Duncan from LEAP (Part 1)

In part one of this conversation with Scott Duncan from LEAP we talk social enterprise, environmental concerns and how LEAP works.


SEC66: Hamilton Perkins from Hamilton Perkins Collection

Hamilton is responsible for creating sustainable fashion from recycled bottles and the results are great. This Skype interview is a real treat, and so inspiring. It was a pleasure to talk to him and hear how his company was formed.


SEC65: Andrew Bailie from FreshSight

Andrew from the student run social enterprise consultancy FreshSight popped through to Glasgow to talk about the business, social enterprise and much more!


SEC64: David Alexander from Mydex

I caught up with David via Skype for a fascinating chat about Mydex, data protection, privacy online and, of course, social enterprise.


SEC62: Melodie Crumlin from PEEK

Melodie talks to us about what PEEK does, her experience working for the organisation, the way it has changed and how it empowers young people.


SEC58: Calum MacDonald from Positively Scottish

Calum from Positively Scottish had an idea to create a news website that focused on the positive stories that come from Scottish communities all over the world. One could say that he succeeded. This is the story behind that website.


SEC55: Jim Bennett from SKS Scotland (Part 2)

We live in interesting times for social enterprise, but to some people the support available hasn’t changed in as many ways as some would have you believe. In the second part of my interview with Jim Bennett, he quite rightly points out the things which have and haven’t changed over the years, particularly as it […]


SEC52: Jeremie Warner from Power A Life

I sat down for a lovely chat with Jeremie about what inspired Power A Life, the difficulties of being a social enterprise tech company and more.


SEC47: David Cook

David Cook has been involved in many different social enterprises over the years. Initially, he was involved without knowing it; something which he expands on in this interview. He has worked for WASPS and the Cultural Enterprise Office, amongst others, and has recently become freelance with his own firm Cook Creative. David was one of […]


SEC45: 2016 CEIS Policy and Practice Conference

The CEIS Policy and Practice Conference is always a highlight of the conference calendar, and this year was no exception. 2016’s conference marked the tenth such occurrence, and this year they had a number of international delegates attend through the British Council, from places such as Canada, South Korea and more. The conference itself was […]


SEC46: Emily Reid from Eco Drama

At the CEIS Policy and Practice Conference this year there were four breakout sessions in the middle of the afternoon. The one I attended was about the creative industries, and the session opened with a staggering statistic – 14% of the social enterprise sector is made up of businesses that operate in the cultural and […]


SEC44: Gabby Cluness and Angela Ireland from MILK Cafe Glasgow

In our last episode we spoke to Jennifer Paice from SafeDeposits Scotland. In the show notes for that episode, I linked to a couple of articles which discussed the housing situation in Govanhill, and more specifically highlighted the action that Glasgow City Council were taking on ‘slum landlords’ in the area. As it would happen, […]


SEC43: Jennifer Paice from SafeDeposits Scotland

In a week where the BBC has reported on “rogue landlords” in Glasgow’s Govanhill area, it seems only fitting to share this interview with Jennifer Paice from SafeDeposits Scotland. ‘Rouge landlords’ are not common, and the truth is that the vast majority of landlords are reputable, and most of the time there are no disagreements […]


SEC42: Sue John from the Glasgow Women’s Library

This year, 2016, the Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) celebrates its 25th anniversary. Friends of mine have been talking about the GWL for a couple of years, so naturally I’d heard about it, but I had no idea it was a social enterprise. The model makes sense for business such as theirs (arguably, it makes sense […]


SEC41: Alec Weir from Spruce Carpets

The diverse landscape of social enterprise is always somewhat surprising to me. Perhaps it shouldn’t be. There are businesses out there that do everything one can possibly imagine. It should be no surprise that social enterprise, which at the end of the day is just a different kind of business, is the same. For this […]


SEC39: Andy Kerr from Sense Scotland (Part 2)

In my last blog I spoke about how empowerment is a running theme in this podcast. In part one of my interview with Andy Kerr, Chief Executive of Sense Scotland, we very briefly touched on stories of empowerment, and the things that Sense Scotland have done for their service users. In this episode we delve […]


SEC38: Andy Kerr from Sense Scotland (Part 1)

If you’re Scottish and have even an inkling about charities then Sense Scotland need little in the way of introduction. Sense Scotland just celebrated its 30th anniversary, and has spent all of that time providing support services to thousands of disabled people and their families, through a number of different projects across Scotland. Created by […]


SEC37: Andrew Tibbles from MAKlab

Empowerment – that’s what I think about when I think about social enterprise. Empowerment! It also happens to be the thing that ties many social enterprises together. It’s the theme that embodies nearly all of the work of almost every social enterprise featured on this podcast. This takes many different forms. It could be empowering […]


SEC35: John Hinton from MoveOn

On this episode we chat to John Hinton from Glasgow based charity MoveOn. We talk about the company’s history, how the help those affected by homelessness through a range of different services, and also their Glasgow and the West of Scotland franchise of FareShare.


SEC34: Nicky Reid from the SPFL Trust

We take an excursion to Hampden Park to chat about charity, community, football and health with Nicky Reid, General Manager of the SPFL Trust.


SEC28: Owen Cook from Space Unlimited

We have a cracking interview for you this week – Owen Cook from Space Unlimited talks about the power of having young people and adults work together.


SEC27: Jacqui Taylor from Lifelink

Jacqui’s experience and insight into Lifelink is engaging and inspiring in the latest episode of Social Enterprise Conversations.


SEC25: Pauline Hinchion from SCRT

This episode contains a lengthy, albeit brilliant, conversation with SCRT chief executive Pauline Hinchion. It may very well be our best episode yet. We talk about her social enterprise journey, the work SCRT do and why it is so important to the sector.


SEC24: Gregory Chauvet – The Bike Station

Gregory Chuvet is the managing director of The Bike Station in Glasgow and we had a great chat about the culture of his social enterprise and more.


SEC23: The Opening of The Experience

We cover the opening of Kibble’s latest social enterprise – The Experience. A themed entertainment venue and young workforce development centre.


SEC22: Keith Ward from RSM

We sat down and had a chat with Keith from RSM during an E3M event to talk about social impact measurement.


SEC21: Kevin Cadman from Grameen in the UK

The Grameen model of micro-credit is a fantastic, innovative way of helping people out of poverty. We talk to Kevin Cadman from Grameen in the UK to discuss Grameen and why it’s vital.


SEC20: Bruce Gunn from D.N.D.P.

The story of D.N.D.P. is a fascinating and inspiring one, and I sat down with Managing Director (and ranconteur) Bruce Gunn to talk about the genesis of D.N.D.P., the assistance they received, measuring growth, the drive towards sustainability and much more.


RCYC1: A Brief Chat with Martin Stabery of CYC-Net

We launch our brand new Child and Youth Care podcast and our first episode features a chat with Martin Stabery, current editor of the CYC-Net website: a repository for articles and advice for all child and youth care practitioners.


SEC18: Robbie Norval from Lingo Flamingo

We had a lovely chat with Robbie from Lingo Flamingo about the nature of the project, starting a social enterprise, the inspiration behind Lingo Flamingo and lots more.


SEC16: Louisa Taylor from Fablevision Studios

We had a brief chat with Louisa Taylor about Fablevision Studios, social enterprise and media production, employablity and her social enterprise journey.


SEC13: Alison Urie and Graeme McKerracher of Vox Liminis

Vox Liminis are an organisation who assist prisoners with their rehabilitation by using the creative arts to recreate themselves and their lives. We sat down with director Alison Urie and manager Graeme McKerracher to discuss the meaning of justice, rehabilitation, how prison affects the lives of more than just the prisoner themselves and the genesis of Vox Liminis.


SEC12: Gerry Higgins from CEIS

Gerry Higgins has been at the forefront the UK’s social enterprise strategy for a number of years, and has been instrumental in developing the sector. It was a great honour to chat with him about his social enterprise journey, the positive vibes in the sector and the excellent results of the recent Social Enterprise in Scotland Census 2015.


SEC11: Neil McLean from the Social Enterprise Academy

In our never ending quest to show the best of what social enterprise offers, we speak to Neil McLean, Chief Executive of the Social Enterprise Academy, whose work is helping people in the social sector to realise their potential.


SEC10: Lucinda Broadbent from Media Co-Op

There aren’t many social enterprise media companies out there, so Mark had sometime to really get to know the ins and outs of Media Co-Op and the mission of a social enterprise media company.


SEC9: Jonathan Bland from E3M

Jonathan Bland is a world renowned expert in social enterprise and we had a chat with him about his social enterprise history and the genesis of E3M.


SEC8: David Brookes from Social Traders

One of the great benefits of conference events is the deluge of information on offer. Even away from the presentations and seminars, the amount of things you can learn from the sidelines through networking adds to the educational richness of these kinds of events. There was one such conversation that I had back in June, […]


SEC7: Anthony Gerrard from Bad Idea CIC

Bad Idea have quickly risen to prominence in the Scottish social enterprise scene, so with that in mind Mark had a chat with CEO Anthony Gerrard to see what they do, why it’s important to inspired creativity in young people, the effectiveness of support organisations and how Americans really understand the ethos behind Bad Idea.


SEC6: Karen McGregor from Firstport

Social enterprise support agency Firstport are the focus of this week’s podcast, as Mark speaks to Karen McGregor, the company’s Chief Executive, about the focus of the organisation and the struggles that social enterprises face.


SEC5: Scott Ogilvie from Post Creative

Mark catches up with Post Creative director Scott Ogilvie to talk about the business, its ethos and changing from a PLC to a social enterprise.


An Introduction to Social Enterprise

My introduction to social enterprise was on Day 1 of my post here at Kibble. It shouldn’t be this way. The mainstream business community and the general public need an introduction to social enterprise.


The Purpose of KPN

What is KPN? Let this blog post tell you everything you need to know about the podcast network, its focus and its purpose.


SEC3: Social Enteprise Summit

With episode three we return to the Social Enterprise Summit and have a chat with Irene from Citizens Online, Ducan from Social Enterprise Scotland and Ellidh from the North Highland Initiative to talk about podcasting and social enterprise issues. We uncover a concern for a lot of businesses in the sector: availablity and visibility of funding.


SEC2: Social Enterprise in Education Awards

With episode two we take a look at the Social Enterprise in Education Awards, as we talk to some of the children about the social enterprises and what they did to win such awards, and also featuring speeches from Social Enterprise Academy chair Neil McLean and Social Enterprise Academy tutor Jay Lamb.


SEC1: David LePage

For our first episode we caught up with ASI, and social enterprise guru, David LePage on the sidelines of the Social Enterprise Summit to talk about the definition of social enterprise, government policies in SE, the need to communicate the stories behind social enterprises and the importance of networking and sharing knowledge at conferences.

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