Proud of being LGBT. Proud of being care experienced. Proud of Glasgow

The other weekend saw a rainbow of colours (literally!) run throughout the city centre of Glasgow with Pride marchers celebrating diversity and the LGBT community.

For LGBT+ young people growing up in care, traditional barriers to coming out are compounded by the stigma of growing up in the care system. Family, friends and professionals can often make the process of coming out more difficult with heteronormative assumptions discouraging young people from seeking the support they need.

The Intensive Fostering Service at Kibble was pleased to support one of our young people and their foster carer who wanted to participate in the Pride march for the first time. We joined up with our friends in Who Cares? Scotland to create a banner for all care experienced young people to march behind and to show that, no matter how many barriers young LBGT people in care face, we can help overcome them.

The Glasgow weather gods even showed some mercy with the rain more or less staying away, and Kibble had the pleasure of sponsoring a lunch for 75 other care experienced young people from across Scotland. The day was a triumph and we cannot wait to come back next year!

This event is just a small example of where IFS differs from other fostering services. Not only can we provide the additional support to young people, but we make it possible to enable foster carers the opportunity to participate in important events too.

Thankfully, attitudes towards LGBT foster carers have progressed a long way, but there are still examples of LGBT people who are unsure about whether they would be accepted. The answer is that foster carers come in all shapes and sizes. You can find out more about what makes a good foster carer for IFS here.