Transferring Agency

We aim to transfer as quickly as possible whilst placing needs of any children placed at the forefront of our planning.

While our primary focus is to recruit, assess and support new foster carers we understand that there are a number of reasons why foster carers may consider transferring from their local authority or agency. As such we are always happy to hear from experienced foster carers that are interested in transferring to Kibble IFS.

Why come to IFS?

  • High rates of carer retention.
  • High rates of placement stability.
  • Highest renumeration rates in Scotland.
  • Small social worker caseloads.
  • Access to our Specialist Intervention Services (SIS).
  • Access to education and work experience for young people.
  • Regular respite.
  • Extensive training opportunities.

What’s the transfer process?

If you would like to transfer to Kibble IFS, we would love to hear from you.

As everyone’s circumstances are unique the process will begin with a telephone conversation where your individual circumstance will be discussed.  Following this contact will be made with your current fostering agency or Local Authority and all relevant information/assessments/files will be requested.  Thus, allowing us to manage the transfer efficiently and within a shorter timeframe than your initial assessment. 

Link to Fostering Networks transferring protocol