What is fostering?

To foster is to provide care, support and a loving home to a child or young person who is unable to live with their birth family. There are different types of foster care which can mean that a young person may live with you for a few days, while others will grow up, and be a core part of your family over many, many years.

There are various reasons why a child comes into care. This could be temporary situation such as an illness within the family, or a child or young person may have experienced abuse and/or neglect. Sadly, many of the young people at Kibble have faced a number of traumas in their short lives and being welcomed into a supportive family home can be life-changing for them. There are different types of fostering depending on the needs of the child and this can range from short breaks care to full time foster care.

As well as having a safe, loving home, children in foster care at Kibble will also be supported by a friendly team to ensure they get the highest standard of care. As many of the children have experienced trauma, this can sometimes lead to challenging or complex behaviours. Our team are available round the clock to support both the young person and the foster carer. The young people will also gain therapeutic support from Kibble to help them manage the difficulties they have faced in the past.

If it’s in their best interests, we encourage the children and young people to maintain links with their birth family. This would be arranged through regular contact meetings and foster carers are usually central in encouraging this.