David’s journey

David is a talented young man who has been living with foster carers, Alison and Aileen for seven years. David has experienced a challenging past and was removed from his birth family aged six when his mother passed away and his grandparents were unable to look after him. Thankfully, with the right support and loving foster placement, David has turned his life around and has a promising future ahead of him.

David experienced three different placements before arriving to stay with Alison and Aileen. Initially, David voiced his unhappiness at staying with the couple and tried to sabotage the placement through destructive behaviours. Alison and Aileen reflected on the early days when David would regularly damage property in his room and make holes in his clothes, as well as refuse to wash himself. They emphasised to David that the items and clothing could be replaced and they still wanted him there, although they would like him to stop damaging things. David was excluded from his school for his disruptive behaviour, getting into fights and vandalising school property.

David was found a new placement at Kibble as a day pupil and discovered that he was good at music and drama. The smaller classes seemed to work better and he began to take pride in his achievements.

David learned how to play the guitar, encouraged by Alison at home too. He found ways of expressing his feelings through drama and has been the star performer in the Christmas pantomime for the last two years.

After completing his education at Kibble and gaining his qualifications, David has been working in one of Kibble’s largest social enterprises where he is gaining invaluable employability skills and experience.

David is planning to attend college to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He is able to reflect on the challenges he has overcome in life and is grateful for the belief and commitment shown by his foster carers, Alison and Aileen throughout the years.