Our Fostering Team

Our team pride ourselves on being a ‘fostering family’, made up of incredible children and young people, a friendly care team and our invaluable foster carers.

Kibble’s fostering team work alongside foster carers to provide safety, structure and stability to children and young adults who’ve had a difficult start in life. Within our team you’ll find:

Young People
Within the team we have the most amazing children and young people with personalities that shine as bright as the stars! We support children from the age of five. At the heart of the family, everything we do is to provide them with the best care, support and happy childhood memories.

Foster Carers
Our foster carers are bursting at the seams with love and compassion. Many of our foster carers have been with us for a number of years and come from all walks of life. They open up their hearts and homes to ensure the children are loved and welcomed into their families and communities.

Kay – head of the team and everyone’s ‘granny’
Kay has been with the service since the very start and oversees the running of the intensive fostering and adult placement service. She treats all of the children and young people like her own and ensures they get the best care and support… not to mention a squishy hug!

Key Workers
Each of the young person has dedicated key worker who are there to support the young person and foster carers. Young people spend time regularly with their key worker, which will include some weekend activities. They are full of energy, enthusiasm for the young people and go above and beyond to make sure they are happy and supported.

To support our team are the many people across Kibble that ensure all their needs are met. This includes our wonderful teachers, psychologists and Who Cares? Scotland advocates who speak up for the young people.