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from our Board Chair

Welcome to Kibble's Annual Review for 2013. This looks at our activities over the past year, and sets out our strategy for the year ahead. Overall strategic direction is the primary responsibility of the trustees and directors who constantly strive to interpret and adapt our original mission and purpose of 1840 to contemporary social need and the provision of efficient and effective services for young people at risk. The executive directors place a particular emphasis on developing innovative responses to long-standing problems where traditional approaches within educational and social service contexts are failing. This has resulted in a significant rise in Kibble's profile and prospects for new social business opportunities. At the same time, more traditional services have to be of high quality and subject to the disciplines of continuous improvement. Consequently, strategic focus is on consolidating the many new services that are now on-stream or about to launch.

G N Walker DL

and Chief Executive

I am pleased to again give this overview of our work and snapshot of some of the key issues at a time of change and challenge in the charitable sector alongside austerity in the delivery of public services. Most importantly, however, I am able to highlight our work with some of Scotland's most troubled young people and our continuing commitment to provide care, support, guidance, education and opportunity to those whose lives have been characterised by disruption and instability.

Building and maintaining good and productive relationships with young people and high standards across our services remain key priorities. The preservation of the daily rhythms and routines of life are of critical importance in our work and can easily be overlooked by the myriad of administrative and compliance functions required in heavily regulated public services. At times of austerity, and where care is now subject to 'models of procurement' careful consideration needs to be given to ensure that the human touch remains paramount. Somewhat ironically, and at a time when there is a greater understanding of the need for service personalisation, pressure is increasing to systemise and commodify residential services.

The fact that Kibble's work continues round the clock and around the calendar bears testament to the commitment, dedication and expertise of staff, volunteers and volunteer directors and trustees. We have no record of Kibble ever having been 'closed' during its 156 years of operation - a remarkable achievement! I would like to give them all my thanks for their work and support over the past year and as we go forward adapting and developing our work with children and young people.

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future"

Franklin D Roosevelt

This 'responsive innovation' is clearly demonstrated in the steady evolution of our work. In the past year we have developed some additional fostering services for primary aged children and an educational facility to provide the school support required for this age group. We have developed resources to better understand the impact of our work and Kibble's Outcome Framework is being implemented across the organisation. As part of our research into practice agenda we are continuing to invest in understanding what works, for whom, when and why - and comparing this to national and international studies in our fields of work. Visitors from countries around the world come to look at what we do and how we do it and to consider how replicable this is for their own situation. We benefit from this, as our work is transparent and subject to a much broader based scrutiny than most organisations are subject to.

"Tradition is tending the flame, not worshipping the ashes"


We are strongly committed to providing both a national centre for specialist services and an anchor community organisation that is able to harness its many resources for the local good. We are particularly conscious of our position in Renfrewshire - historical and contemporary. This gives an added dimension to our civic and economic activities and we are keen to ensure that we are indeed and in every sense 'good neighbours'. We believe that our charitable purpose and the preservation and development of the assets 'held in trust' since the 1850s clearly show that society benefits from the work and presence of strong charities. Our trustees and directors are diligent in all their duties and our positive local impact is close to their hearts.

"One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programmes by their intentions rather than their results"

Milton Friedman

Kibble has consistently re-affirmed in word and deed its commitment to work with young people at risk. In recent years the strong focus on improving the effectiveness of what we do has led to pioneering approaches to service design and delivery. Changing arrangements for how these services are purchased through more centralised procurement mechanisms could lead to a more limited and constrained role for Kibble, simply of contractor to a service specified by a purchasing agency. It is hard to envisage how this could lead to improved services, especially at a time when the Scottish Government is committed to public sector reform and a much greater emphasis on preventative spend. Unimaginative contracting arrangements will maintain the status quo, reward conformity and create individuals and organisations ill-prepared to adopt the creative social innovation required to tackle some of Scottish society's most entrenched problems. Bold procurement on the other hand, can construct new forms of service delivery, achieve wider public benefit and increase social value.

It is both a privilege and a great responsibility to be in the senior leadership position within Kibble. The support of the local and wider community has played a key role in the organisation's ability to adapt and thrive throughout its long and distinguished history. I look forward to the coming year being one of continued development and making a difference in the lives of young people.

Graham Bell
Chief Executive

"The staff at Kibble are excellent, they have transformed my boy. Staff keep us fully up to date with everything that my child does. The communication is excellent. My child has settled in well and we are continually involved in planning their care."

Quotes from family members, Kibble Education and Care Centre Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, June 2013

"Kibble Safe Centre continues to strive for and maintain a high level of performance and utilises the views of young people, their families and the staff group, to inform developments within the centre. There was a commitment to supporting young people to achieve positive outcomes, through innovative and meaningful activity."

Kibble Safe Centre Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, June 2013

Quality of Care and Support5Very Good
Quality of Environment5Very Good
Quality of Staffng5Very Good
Quality of Management and Leadership5Very Good

Kibble Safe Centre Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, June 2013

Quality of Care and Support5Very Good
Quality of Staffng6Excellent
Quality of Management and Leadership6Excellent

Intensive Fostering Services Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, February 2013

"Excellent communication between social work and also with the family. We get weekly and monthly updates which reflect the mood and responses of young people. Staff in the service actively encourage young people to seek support from advocacy services. My experience is that Kibble work alongside young people. The staff are very approachable and friendly and communication is very good."

Quotes from professionals, Kibble Safe Centre Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, June 2013

"Very good support. I have a fantastic relationship with manager and service manager - very open. It's very fulfilling. There are lots of training opportunities."

Quotes from Carers, Intensive Fostering Services Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, February 2013

"We found care planning to be of a high standard with a clear emphasis on measuring outcomes for young people."

Kibble Education and Care Centre Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, June 2013

"Staff are excellent, they care a lot. I can speak to any member of staff but I've a great relationship with my key worker. We all know who the Who Cares worker is and they visit regularly. Staff encourage me and support me."

Quotes from young people, Kibble Safe Centre Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, June 2013

"Staff are well supported by a strong management team and all impress as child centred, enthusiastic and committed to supporting individual young people to achieve positive outcomes."

Intensive Fostering Services Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, February 2013

"I didn't think that anyone was listening to me, it's the first time in years I've been offered any help. The work really helped us see there was hope."

Parents from the Family Service at SIS

Quality of Care and Support5Very Good
Quality of Environment5Very Good
Quality of Staffng5Very Good
Quality of Management and Leadership5Very Good

Kibble Education and Care Centre Inspection Report, Care Inspectorate, June 2013


2013 brought an exciting start for staff at KibbleWorks who welcomed the first set of 16 year old school leavers into their 12 week training placements. This pilot scheme provided an invaluable insight into the world of work for 23 young people, identified by Renfrewshire Education Department as individuals who might need some extra support in bridging the gap between education and employment. During this 12 week period, KibbleWorks offered a wide variation of courses across all of its social enterprises including OsKar's, RoadWorks and Knibbles. The first few days saw the youngsters prepare for their new experiences by undertaking Induction and Manual Handling courses. As far as possible, they were placed with the enterprises according to their personal preferences, allowing them to discover and develop their talents in a specialised area. Staff at KibbleWorks were heartened by the enthusiasm of their new charges and each had encouraging stories to relay about the young people in this new initiative.


Kibble has a long tradition of being open and transparent and we welcome visitors from around the globe every year. We actively encourage people to come and learn about our integrated services, our outcomes and our social enterprise model. This is a two-way process and we learn as much from our visitors as they do from us. This leads to improved practice, strong networks and an increased knowledge-base, gathered from a host of diverse sources.

"It has been a predictable aspect of human nature since at least the industrial age that each generation regards itself as progress' ultimate goal, history's finished product, modernity's final word. Each generation however learns the truth that progress knows no ultimate goal, history has no finished product, modernity speaks no final word."

Leonard Pitts Jr


For a selection of Kibble staff and young residents, 2013 brought with it the chance for the trip of a lifetime. Opportunities to connect with similar educational organisations and the chance to taste a way of life so different to their own proved to be invaluable and life changing.

In March, four young people took off for the bright lights of 'the big apple' with accompanying staff. Apart from the obvious delights of New York, they met with 1960s Civil Rights Activists and spent time in an authentic Amish community, choosing to live without any form of modern technology, including electricity! In August, a group of Kibble staff and young people travelled to Romania as part of a volunteer project working with disadvantaged young people aged between four and 21. It was a fantastic experience for all concerned and a return trip is planned in 2014 for staff to meet again with the children whose resilience, faith and positive outlook made a lasting impression on the Kibble group.


At the end of April 2013, Kibble's Employment and Training Services received an invitation to attend a special reception in the Scottish Parliament's Garden Lobby. An enthusiastic group of young people and staff travelled to the capital city to take part in the event to celebrate the success of Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) and third sector organisations across the country. Members of Parliament spoke to the various groups in attendance about the Scottish Government's plans for the future. The Kibble group met with the Minister for Children and Young People, and helped convey the positive impact that the CJS programme has made on the lives of young people in Scotland. Kibble has offered jobs through CJS since the programme began in 2011. Its key purpose is to support young people into sustainable employment by creating jobs for 18-24 year olds in third sector organisations.


An inspiring business plan put together by four young people resident in the Safe Centre, went on to be successful in the remaining months of 2013. 'Unleashed' was created; a new Young Enterprise Scotland franchise making and selling a wide range of pampering gifts, pet treats, jewellery and sweet indulgencies. On their first trade event, Kibble's Easter Fare, an impressive £200 profit was collected and then promptly re-invested in the business. Having completed a practical learning programme with YES delivery officers, the entrepreneurial four developed their business and went on to complete Employability Awards. This involved the presentation of their business plans and aspirations to great reception and encouragement from an independent panel.


Kibble's Gannochy Trust Centre for Expressive Arts has played host to hundreds of live events since it was opened in 2010. As an events venue with seating for over 100 people, it is the perfect performance space for young people to showcase their talents to teachers, friends and family. Kibble has always placed importance on finding and encouraging the talents of its young people, developing confidence and self-esteem as a consequence.


The summer months are some of the busiest and most exciting for Day Services at Kibble. A holiday programme is run for young people throughout the summer holidays, offering a full range of activities which benefit health and wellbeing, relationships and teamwork. Day Services offer support to children and young people who need additional help to stay engaged with learning. Key workers, assigned to each young person, identify barriers to learning and then work alongside teaching staff to tailor learning plans for each young person.

Studying an academic timetable is just one element of education at Kibble. Creative arts, outdoor pursuits, sporting activities and study trips are all important aspects to our approach in engaging young people in learning. The summer of 2013 saw children and young people enjoy them all, helping to improve their learning and development skills.


2013 was a groundbreaking year for the Creative Arts Department at Kibble. The play 'Please Listen' was created in September 2012 as a result of intensive drama workshops with young people at Kibble and Gavin Sinclair, Creative Development Officer. It achieved great success throughout 2013, being performed 56 times, including two visits to the Scottish Parliament, a performance for HRH Prince Edward and a conference in Portugal as well as featuring in extensive press coverage. The experience of living in care runs as a central theme throughout the play and it proved to be a life changing experience for all involved. The Creative Arts department at Kibble has created a wealth of opportunities for young people to express themselves through acting, writing, filming and set design. In 2013, they worked on a therapeutic project with Scottish Ballet, created a multimedia platform for their work in KTV (Kibble Television) and were finalists at the Creative Scotland Awards.

"We got to create our own play with our own words. It was all ours and that's what made us so proud. I am so much more confident now and happy to discuss my life with people."

Young Actor and Playwright, 'Please Listen'


Young people working within The Workshop at KibbleWorks were set an interesting challenge in 2013; to breathe new life into a Paisley charity's popular café with their creative imaginations and innovative designs. The Wynd Centre Coffee Shop was given a complete refurbishment in a contemporary Scottish theme, mixing artwork in natural materials with vintage elegance.

The Wynd Centre has offered a range of community services to the local and wider Paisley community for over 20 years. Managers of the charity approached KibbleWorks with the commission and were keen to hear the artistic plans of the five young designers who spent a fortnight at the café perfecting the new interior design and shop layout. The Workshop at KibbleWorks provides employment training to young people aged 16 to 18 in graphic design, printing processes, furniture up-cycling, picture framing and computer design and equips them with health and safety, teamwork and time management skills.


It is important to us that we contribute to the local community and fellow charities through meaningful (and fun!) fundraising activities. These are a few of the charities that Kibble has supported over 2013.


Young adults are tending to stay in the home longer than their parents did (The Guardian), so it's easy to see why 16 may be far too young an age to expect young people to be totally selfreliant as they move out into the world. The Adult Placement Service was launched to bridge this gap between living in care and independent living for at risk young people aged 16 to 24. Each young person is placed with a family who can, along with Intensive Fostering Services (IFS), support them with accessing education and employment, developing the life skills essential for a bright and promising future. This innovative service has meant a new recruitment drive for the IFS team and the search is on for Adult Placement Carers who can mentor young people through this transitional period in their lives. Our recruitment stands have been making appearances around Renfrewshire and a brand new advertising campaign has been featuring widely in newspapers, our own advertising packs and on the sides of buses.


Behind the scenes at Kibble lies a network of finely tuned support services and some of them provide additional employment opportunities for young people. Donald Munro, one of Scotland's Masterchefs, is our Executive Chef who, along with his team, plans and prepares meals for over 500 staff and young people on a daily basis. Our busy kitchens provide work placements for four young people, with more catering opportunities planned with the launch of a Culinary Arts Academy at The Experience later in 2014. Our Community Garden has two sites; on our Paisley campus and at Hillington Park, providing fresh, healthy vegetables ripe for preparation into delicious and nutritious meals. Across all of our KibbleWorks social enterprises, 23 young people are learning and earning at any one time. In 2013, 68 young people benefitted from employment and training placements at KibbleWorks, gaining skills for work that prove invaluable for building confidence, self-esteem and a brighter future.

"I feel more happy, secure, confident both at home and work."

Young Person at KibbleWorks

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Strengthening Our Services

Kibble is committed to its vision of being at the forefront of effective and innovative services for young people at risk. Service integration is one of the key underpinning principles of this vision, and over the coming year developments are planned which will strengthen this process. We will continue to work with local authorities to design and deliver a small number of community-based residential services and our adult placement service will be fully operational. We are making a significant investment in KibbleWorks - our youth employment and training service for 16 to 24 year olds. This includes the introduction of more formal college qualifications. In Hillington, a youth employment project commenced in February 2014 to build The Experience, a large social enterprise which will open later in the year and operate in the leisure and hospitality sector.

In October, Kibble launched a major new service, aimed at young adults aged from 16 to 24. As part of Intensive Fostering Services (IFS), The Adult Placement Service provides community-based support to at risk young adults. This ensures that they can continue to benefit from the high level of support that living within a family provides. Mentoring them through the transition period after leaving care, Adult Placement Carers and the IFS team can help young adults access education and employment, helping them to develop the self-care skills essential to independent living.

Kibble's close working partnership with the West Regional Scout Council led to the creation of a primary school in August of 2013 at the Scouts' Lapwing Lodge Outdoor Centre, on the Gleniffer Braes. We have started educating children of primary school age for the first time in this glorious setting. Pupils can benefit from the countryside environment, where they are able to regularly participate in outdoor learning. The Lapwing Lodge Day School facilitates a maximum of five pupils, referred to Kibble by local authorities. Specialist teachers have the added experience of delivering therapeutic education to children who are unable to cope within mainstream schooling.

In the coming year Kibble will elaborate further on its commitment to extend services to younger children by launching Garnock Lodge in Beith, Ayrshire. Accommodating four children aged between five and eight who are making a staged progression into foster care, it will reinforce our focus on delivering carefully integrated therapeutic education with residential care. Kibble has a huge part to play in catering to the increased demand for specialist places for this age group. We take pride in responding quickly to the changing needs of local authorities.


|100% of pupils gained some form of accreditation
|35 Standard Grade passes at General Level
|4 Standard Grade passes at Foundation Level
|50 full courses achieved at Access 3
|157 Access 3 Unit Passes
|2 full courses achieved at Intermediate 2 Level
|13 full courses achieved at Intermediate 1 Level
|174 Intermediate 1 Unit Passes
|17 Intermediate 2 Unit Passes
|90% of pupils achieved Access 2 or above in English
|54% of pupils achieved Access 2 or above in Mathematics


Extract taken from the Kibble Education and Care Centre Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2013, Consolidated Statement of Finance Activities. A full copy of the report is available on request.

We'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to those who have supported Kibble. Your generosity allows us to carry on with our work, making sure that each disadvantaged child and young person in our care can access a brighter and improved future.

  • The Bellahouston Bequest Fund
  • The Big Lottery Fund
  • The Percy Bilton Charity
  • The Peter Brough Bequest Fund
  • The Matthew B Campbell Trust
  • The Peter Coats Trust
  • The Cattanach Charitable Trust
  • The Climate Challenge Fund
  • The Clothworkers' Foundation
  • CRNS
  • George Craig Trust Fund
  • Creative Scotland
  • Coats Foundation Trust
  • DWT Cargill Fund
  • European Social Fund
  • The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
  • The Gannochy Trust
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Glasgow Airport Flightpath Fund
  • The Peter Harrison Foundation
  • Erskine Cunningham Hill Trust
  • The Heritage Lottery Fund
  • The Hugh Fraser Foundation
  • The Agnes Hunter Trust
  • The Enterprise Growth Fund
  • The Hedley Foundation
  • The James & Patricia Hamilton Charitable Trust
  • The Jane Hodge Foundation
  • JTH Charitable Trust
  • The Beatrice Laing Trust
  • The MacRobert Trust
  • The Merchant's House of Glasgow
  • The Moffat Charitable Trust
  • JP Morgan Chase Foundation
  • The Rayne Foundation
  • The Robertson Trust
  • The Santander Foundation
  • Scottish Investment Fund
  • The Souter Charitable Trust
  • The Star Foundation Trust
  • Trades House of Glasgow
  • The Tudor Trust
  • The Underwood Trust
  • Voluntary Sector Development Fund
  • Whitaker Charitable Trust
  • The Wolfson Foundation
  • The Edith and Isaac Wolfson Trust
  • Zero Waste Scotland
  • The Third Sector Challenge Fund
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