Kibble’s deeply rooted history had its origins in 1840 upon the death of Miss Elizabeth Kibble, heiress to a large textile fortune. Miss Kibble left a portion of her wealth to “found and endow in Paisley an institution for the purpose of reclaiming youthful offenders against the laws”

This institution has lasted through the generations, and has evolved into what is today the Kibble Group. From the beginning, Kibble placed a strong emphasis on equipping the young people it looked after to lead purposeful and independent lives after they left the school. Our earliest records show that young boys were trained and found positions in trades such as tailoring, shoe making, agricultural and dairy work.

This focus on providing disadvantaged young people with the skills, experience and training to successfully embark on independent life is an ethos that has endured under several different leaderships through more than a century of radical social change and various incarnations of the education model.

Changes in the education system have seen Kibble function as a Reformatory School, an Approved School and a List D school until its current model of an Education and Care Centre was created in 1996 after a re-organisation of local authority boundaries and funding.

While the focus on skills and training remains strong, Kibble continues to respond to the needs of young people as they arise and this now includes a strong emphasis on care and the protection of vulnerable young people. To meet this need, our range of services has widened considerably while we remain committed to providing young people with the care and support they need to overcome disadvantage and live empowered lives. If you’d like to explore more of Kibble’s history, please visit our Lasting Legacy website.

View our history timeline below to show Kibble’s development through the decades.