Emergency and Respite

Head of Service: Jim Carle


Because of the extensive range of services we have at Kibble we are usually able to respond to crisis requests either on a temporary or more full-time basis. 

Provided the appropriate legislation is in place, we can offer respite either within our residential units or our fostering service.  If the young person needs, or is likely to need, a more extended placement we can offer either an assessment to help decide the type of placement they may require or an accelerated placement into an appropriate resource at Kibble.

We have a Duty Manager system 24/7 and the managers are happy to discuss any enquiry or give advice whether or not the young person comes to Kibble.

Specialist Intervention Services

All young people who are placed in Kibble are supported by our Specialist Intervention Services. The team has over 10 years experience of providing evidence based psychological consultation, assessment and interventions for young people with complex and challenging needs. Read more about our Specialist Intervention Services

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